Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Fusion Is Coming! Flat Rock Assembly Plant Prepares 1,400 New Workers to Build More of Ford’s Best-Selling Car

  • Flat Rock Assembly Plant introduces a simulated factory training that ensures new workers will be fully prepared to work on the assembly line
  • Fusion production will begin at Flat Rock Assembly Plant in the fall to meet surging demand for the popular sedan
  • Ford’s simulated factory training is expected to help reduce employee attrition and improve overall manufacturing quality and safety
Ford’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant is training its 1,400 new hires using a simulated factory, helping to prepare workers for the manufacturing front lines before the first U.S.-built Fusion emerges from the facility this fall.

Ford announced last fall it will build the all-new Fusion in the United States and hire 1,400 new employees to meet surging demand for the award-winning vehicle. Currently, Fusion is being built only at Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico.

Fusion record sales (of 161,146,vehicles) were up 18 percent in the first half of 2013, turning at under 20 days in hot markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami (this compared with an industry average of approximately 60 days). High-end Fusion Titanium models are turning even faster in these key markets – under 15 days.

To prepare Flat Rock’s newest hires for Fusion production, the simulated factory was introduced to provide hands-on training in a real-world environment. The simulated factory allows workers to master the tasks they may be performing on the line, whether simple jobs like tightening nuts and bolts or more complex ones like connecting brake lines or fitting weather stripping. Before, new hires moved directly from classroom training to the assembly line.

“The simulated factory provides workers with a much smoother transition to the assembly line, and the net benefit to the company is improved quality,” said Aris Janitens, manager, launch planning and workforce readiness, Ford Motor Company. “This best-in-class training process – initially developed at Louisville Assembly Plant – has been so successful, it is now considered our global standard and company-wide best practice, and will be rolled out to other plants worldwide.” Flat Rock is the second plant in the world to institute this training process.

Each activity is timed to give trainees a sense of how quickly the assembly line moves and how quickly they are expected to perform their duties. When working on the line, each team member must perform his or her job within a specific amount of time to keep the line running smoothly.

The simulated factory training can accommodate 50 trainees in each eight-hour session with a 5:1 trainee-to-instructor ratio. Workers train on 10 stations – one every 40 minutes – including electrical connectors, engine build-up, brake line and radiator hose install, and DC electric tools. Workers also receive one-on-one training from hourly instructors, as well as instruction on safety procedures, tooling and operator instruction sheets.

“Before simulated factory training, you could always tell when it was someone’s first week on the line,” said Tim Young, plant manager, Flat Rock Assembly Plant. “They were a little unsteady and unsure of what they needed to do, and it usually resulted in having to stop the line multiple times that first week.”

Young says the investment in workers is really paying off. “Now, our new hires are able to jump right in on the line without causing any delays or quality issues, and do so in a safe manner.”

The hands-on training has also helped newly hired employees determine early on if their position is not a great fit. Of the more than 1,000 employees trained, about 50 have decided to pursue other career options.

“We have found employees truly appreciate a realistic job preview. Some workers have realized through the training that they are not interested in working on an assembly line after all,” said Anna Gedman, human resources manager, Flat Rock Assembly Plant. “We want the most committed and capable workers helping to produce our vehicles, so learning this within the first week of training rather than three months down the road is beneficial for everyone involved.”

Flat Rock Assembly Plant will kick off Fusion production in the third quarter of 2013. On two shifts at full line speed, the plant will have approximately 3,000 employees building Ford Mustang and Ford Fusion.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

150th Anniversary of Henry Ford’s Birth Celebrated Around the World

DEARBORN, Mich., July 30, 2013 – Today marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Henry Ford, whose innovative ideas revolutionized transportation and brought mobility to the masses. Henry Ford’s enduring impact is being recognized through events and declarations across the United States and around the world.
Celebrations at Ford Motor Company’s Dearborn headquarters today are being complemented by a special proclamation by the state of Michigan declaring this “Henry Ford Day.” In Washington, D.C., hundreds downtown and on Capitol Hill will mark the day enjoying commemorative cupcakes delivered by a food truck – part of a mobile movement Henry Ford would support.
While today’s events mark the day of Henry Ford’s birth, they are just part of a yearlong celebration of the man and his achievements.
Appropriately, given Henry Ford’s global impact, the anniversary of his birth is being commemorated in countries around the world throughout 2013. Some of the events include:
  • Dealers in 21 Asia Pacific markets have launched Ford Heritage month, transforming showrooms into exhibitions on Ford’s rich history
  • Ford of Germany marked the occasion with a series of five road rallies that celebrated Ford’s numerous automotive breakthroughs over the last 110 years
  • More than 4,000 people attended community events held by Ford in Romania
  • In Great Britain, celebrations were capped by the reveal of a restored statue of Henry Ford at the company’s UK Tech Centre
In coming months, celebrations will continue with additional events across the United States, Europe and South America.
Contributions to a better world
Henry Ford’s introduction of the automobile into the mass market transformed agricultural economies in the United States and around the world into prosperous industrial and urban markets. Many historians credit him with creating a middle class in America. His high minimum wage – revolutionary at the time – set a precedent for fair distribution of company wealth that influenced later management practices. For a timeline on Henry Ford, click here.
Henry Ford initially struggled to get Ford Motor Company on solid financial footing, but broke through with the Model T. The iconic vehicle debuted in October 1908, opening a new era in America. More than 15 million Model T’s were built and sold as Ford Motor Company put the nation on wheels.
The innovative spirit of Henry Ford took root in many other forms after the success of the Model T, including:
  • Moving assembly line: In 1913 Henry Ford introduced the first moving assembly line for cars. Within 18 months, the amount of time needed to build a Model T was reduced from 12 ½ man-hours to 1 ½ man-hours, ushering in the modern auto industry
  • $5 work day: To reduce high turnover rates among workers, Henry Ford more than doubled their pay in 1914, from $2.34 for a nine-hour day to $5 for an eight-hour day
  • Vertical integration: To improve quality, Henry Ford sought to own, operate and coordinate all the resources needed to produce complete automobiles. This principle, known as vertical integration, was put into practice in 1927 with the Model A
“What my great-grandfather established, especially his legacy of innovation, continues to inspire our commitment to a strong business, great products and a better world,” said Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. “We are putting unexpected levels of technology within reach of millions of people, accelerating the development of new products that customers want and value, and driving growth by creating jobs and bringing the freedom of mobility to the world.”
Spirit of innovation guides Ford today
Henry Ford’s spirit of innovation continues to guide Ford Motor Company today, reflected in a lineup of vehicles as diverse as the F-150 pickup, Mustang sports car and Fusion Hybrid sedan. It lives on in technologies such as Ford SYNC, the company’s in-vehicle infotainment system, and fuel-efficient EcoBoost engines. And it echoes through employees serving customers across six continents.
Henry Ford died on April 7, 1947, at 83. More than 50 years after his death, in 1999, Forbes magazine named him “Businessman of the Century,” and in 2012 a History Channel documentary highlighted him as one of “The Men Who Built America.”
“My great-grandfather’s vision was to improve people’s lives by making cars affordable for the average family,” said Bill Ford. “His vision to build cars that are reasonably priced, reliable and efficient still resonates and defines our vision today.”

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ford Finds 60 Percent of Plug-in Vehicle Trips Are Gas-Free; Ford App Continues to Evolve EV Owner Driving Habits

  • Early aggregate data from MyFord Mobile app show customers are using their Ford hybrid vehicles for short trips and operating in electric mode nearly 60 percent of the time, as well as using the information to get the most out of their vehicles
  • MyFord Mobile is available on Ford’s plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicle, Fusion Energi, C-MAX Energi and Focus Electric, which all helped the automaker deliver its best hybrid quarter ever, with sales of 24,217 vehicles; second quarter up 517 percent over last year and up 15 percent over first-quarter 2013
  • Ford rolls out new update for MyFord Mobile – Trip & Charge Log – which tracks trip distance, overall efficiency, energy consumption, braking regeneration and driving scores
  • MyFord Mobile also now features a charging station finder powered by, which provides the most comprehensive dataset of information available, including more than 12,500 public charge stations in the United States; nearly 6 million charge stations are located through the feature monthly
DEARBORN, Mich., July 29, 2013 – Ford plug-in hybrid owners are making the most of the vehicles’ 21 miles of gas-free all-electric range, using them for mostly short trips or commutes, and operating in electric mode nearly 60 percent of the time, according to new aggregate data collected from Ford’s MyFord Mobile app.
MyFord Mobile is available on Ford’s plug-in and battery-electric vehicles, Fusion Energi, C-MAX Energi and Focus Electric, and is available for download both through the App Store and Google Play. Early aggregate data collected through vehicles tied to MyFord Mobile show nearly 60 percent of total PHEV miles driven every day are in electric mode, and that there is an improvement in this figure over the first 30 days of vehicle ownership.
“The daily percent driven in electric mode continues to inch upward, suggesting drivers are using the information provided by MyFord Mobile to change how they drive and really get the most out of their vehicles,” says Joe Rork, MyFord Mobile product manager.
MyFord Mobile allows drivers to link up with their cars via an embedded AT&T wireless module that provides remote communication with the car to maximize utility and minimize operating costs; a multiyear wireless service subscription is included with every Ford electrified vehicle. Among the various features, drivers can log in at any time to check the current state of charge of the advanced lithium-ion battery pack.
Ford doesn’t collect information on individual drivers, but aggregates group data so that it can continue to deliver the best possible ownership experience. And while not every owner uses MyFord Mobile, data available from those who do are showing:
  • More electric drive time:Early in the year, as little as 41 percent of drive time was being spent in electric mode; as recent as July 16, the figure was nearing 60 percent
  • More daily total miles: With Ford’s share of the U.S. electrified vehicle market at nearly 16 percent for the first half of 2013, between 100,000 and 160,000 miles are being driven every day
  • More daily trips: In the last month, roughly 5,000 to 7,000 trips have been made in vehicles using MyFord Mobile daily
  • Short trips: 84 percent of one-way trips are of distances 20 miles or less
“We’re already seeing just how useful MyFord Mobile is, both from a customer point of view in terms of day-to-day driving and also from a company standpoint,” says Rork. “We look at the data closely to make decisions about the evolution of MyFord Mobile and the vehicles themselves.”
MyFord Mobile has evolved since launch and now features a charging station finder powered by, which provides the most comprehensive dataset of information available. In addition to the more than 12,500 public charge stations in the United States, PlugShare provides data about private stations, too.
The station finding feature is one of the most frequently used functions of MyFord Mobile. Early data related specifically to charging show:
  • About 6 million charging stations are found every month through MyFord Mobile
  • Average charge time is 185 minutes
  • About 180,000 charge stations are located daily through MyFord Mobile
  • Noon to 2 p.m. is when most charge station searches are conducted
  • The top five most active regions for charge station searches are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle and the northeast corridor
Another recent change to MyFord Mobile is the addition of the Trip & Charge Log, a function that gives drivers instant information about recent trips, such as how much energy was used and average fuel economy, along with an instant score based on driving habits, such as how effectively brakes are applied.
Other features of MyFord Mobile include:
  • Trip planner:Designed to provide peace of mind by confirming a planned destination is within the battery’s current range, based on previous driving history; provides tips specific to driving habits to ensure route feasibility; defaults route to a charge station as the final destination
  • My GO times: Schedule your vehicle to be cozy (preconditioned) and ready to go (fully charged)
  • Value charge profiles: Charge based on electricity rates; provides a list of electrical plans from local utility company to maximize your charging needs affordably
Rork says that since the app has been available, Ford engineers and researchers have been collecting feedback from customers to continually add functionality to MyFord Mobile. Ford has held clinics specifically about MyFord Mobile and takes into account feedback received via other methods, such as e-mail. He says the company will continue to collect and use customer feedback as MyFord Mobile evolves.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

3D Printed Vibrating Shift Knob For The Ford Mustang Created With OpenXC

Watch as Ford Engineer Zachary Nelson uses the motor from a Microsoft™ Xbox 360® game controller to create an OpenXC shift knob that vibrates when a driver shifts gears in a Ford Mustang. The 3D-printed prototype shift knob uses Ford's OpenXC research platform to link devices to the car via Bluetooth®, and shares vehicle data from the on-board diagnostics port. Zach tests his prototype in a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that vibrates at the optimal time to change gears.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Potential for Open-Source Car Customization Showcased on Ford Mustang Using OpenXC Platform

  • Ford engineer uses motor from Microsoft Xbox 360® game controller to create shift knob that vibrates when a driver should shift gears in a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with manual transmission
  • 3D-printed prototype shift knob uses Ford’s OpenXC research platform to link devices to the car via Bluetooth®, and shares vehicle data from  the on-board diagnostics port
  • OpenXC provides an easy and inexpensive way to develop connected apps or to prototype new hardware features
DEARBORN, Mich., July 26, 2013 – An important part of the total gaming experience for hardcore video gamers is getting physical feedback through the controller as they keep their eyes on the screen. It’s called haptic feedback. For drivers of performance cars like Ford Mustang, feedback is just as important to understanding how the car is behaving.
Rookie Ford engineer Zach Nelson has harnessed the power of open-source hardware and software, 3D printing, wireless connectivity and Microsoft Xbox 360® to bring haptic feedback to a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 through a manual shift knob that vibrates at the optimal time to change gears.
“I wanted to create something that expands the car’s capabilities and improves the experience for the driver,” said Nelson. “I decided to use OpenXC to provide a new kind of feedback for the driver through the shift knob.”
Customization and personalization have been part of the Mustang experience for nearly 50 years. The earliest ads for Mustang proclaimed it as “The Car Designed to be Designed by You!” That spirit continues today, whether following the traditional route of modifying the engines, suspension and body or the modern approach to improving the driving experience through software.
Ford’s open-source OpenXC software and hardware platform enables developers to create apps that leverage the data available through a car’s on-board diagnostics port.
Nelson, armed with a freshly minted mechanical engineering degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, joined Ford in September 2012 through the company’s college graduate program. His first assignment was at Ford’s Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Mich., where he was introduced to OpenXC.
After learning how to build a mobile app, Nelson designed one that could use real-time engine data, such as revolutions per minute, or rpm; accelerator pedal position; and vehicle speed to calculate the optimum shift points for the manual transmission. The data are transmitted from the car’s OBD-II port to a tablet computer over a wireless Bluetooth® connection using the OpenXC adapter. For testing and development purposes, the tablet uses a USB cable to send the shift knob signals to vibrate like a game controller or phone.
Nelson began by modifying a digital model of the shift knob from a Ford Focus ST, turning it into a hollow shell with room for some extra parts, and printing it with a MakerBot® Thing-O-Matic™.
He installed an Arduino controller with a mini-USB port, LED display, colored LED lights and the vibration motor from a Microsoft Xbox 360 game controller.
“The vibrating knob can be installed onto the stock shift lever, and I’ve tested it on several vehicles including Mustang and Focus ST,” Nelson says. “I decided to have a little fun with it and installed an LED display on top that shows the gear position and colored lights that glow from inside at night similar to the ambient lighting in Mustang.”
Moving the system to different vehicles only requires tuning some calibrations in the app to match the torque curve of the car. By monitoring the driver’s style through speed and the throttle pedal, the app automatically adapts its control strategy to suit what it thinks the driver is looking for. The app can be programmed to determine shift points for best performance, comfort or fuel efficiency based on modes selected by the driver.
For performance cars like Mustang, the potential for customization using OpenXC signals that there is a secure future for both tuners and developers alike.
“OpenXC is a great platform for developing connected apps and aftermarket upgrades, or quickly prototyping features that could eventually be incorporated directly into the vehicle,” Nelson says. “The basic concept of my system could be integrated directly into the car, and used on automatic-transmission vehicles with paddle shifters with electric power steering.”

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ford Social Explores Fuel Economy Myths

Ford Social sits down with Kevin Layden, Director of Electrification Programs and Engineering for Ford, to discuss common fuel economy myths submitted by our fans.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

150th Anniversary of Henry Ford’s Birth Declared ‘Henry Ford Day’ by Michigan Legislature; Celebrated with Community Event

  • The 150th birthday of Henry Ford – July 30, 2013 – is declared “Henry Ford Day” in the state of Michigan
  • Celebration honoring Henry Ford’s 150th birthday to be held on Saturday, July 27, at Henry and Clara Ford’s historic home, Henry Ford Estate/Fair Lane in Dearborn, Mich.
  • Henry Ford Estate Inc., a nonprofit that shares governance with Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, takes ownership of the Dearborn estate
DEARBORN, Mich., July 25, 2013 – The enduring impact of Henry Ford and the 150th anniversary of his birth will be celebrated with the declaration of “Henry Ford Day” by the state of Michigan, a community-wide event and official transfer of ownership of the home of Henry and Clara Ford.
Henry Ford’s life and legacy will be celebrated at a free community event – Coming Together: A Celebration of Henry Ford’s 150th Birthday – held on Saturday, July 27 at Henry and Clara Ford’s historic home, Henry Ford Estate/Fair Lane in Dearborn, Mich.
Recognizing Henry Ford’s vast accomplishments and innovations, the Michigan legislature also declares Tuesday, July 30 “Henry Ford Day” in the state of Michigan, marking the official 150th anniversary of the founder of Ford Motor Company’s birth.
Both the Michigan House and Michigan Senate adopted resolutions earlier this year to acknowledge Henry Ford’s impact on the automotive industry and on society at large. The resolutions note, “He is recognized for his pioneering spirit and innovation that put the world on wheels, and we honor his contribution to significant social and economic progress.”
The resolutions will be presented to Bill Ford and Edsel Ford II by representatives of the Michigan House and Michigan Senate as part of the community celebration.
“What my great-grandfather established, especially his legacy of innovation, continues to inspire us today in the products we develop and the communities we serve,” said Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. “We are putting unexpected levels of technology within reach of millions of people, accelerating the development of new products, creating jobs and bringing the freedom of mobility to the world.”
Henry Ford’s legacy – a community celebration
The community event will be open to the public on July 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. A short program will be held at 11:30 a.m. with key members of the Ford family and representatives from the Michigan legislature, Henry Ford Estate and University of Michigan. Henry Ford Estate/Fair Lane is located at One Fair Lane Drive in Dearborn.
Henry Ford’s introduction of the automobile into the mass market transformed agricultural economies in the United States and around the world into prosperous industrial and urban economies. Many historians credit Henry Ford with creating a middle class in America. His high minimum wage – revolutionary at the time – set a precedent for fair distribution of company wealth that influenced later management practices.
The community event will celebrate Henry Ford’s multifaceted passions – automobiles, music, dancing, farmers and artisans. Key activities include:
  • Live music and dance instructors will give guests a unique chance to experience the traditions that were so important to the Fords
  • A special farmers market will commemorate Clara and Henry’s avid interest in agriculture and support for local farming
  • Food from locally sourced vendors will be available to share with friends and family outdoors as Henry did with the famous Vagabonds – Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone and John Burroughs
  • Vehicles and displays that represent the most influential innovations from Henry’s time throughout the history of Ford Motor Company
A new era for Henry Ford Estate
Henry Ford Estate Inc, also is announcing the official transfer of Henry Ford Estate/Fair Lane from the University of Michigan to the newly formed entity. This nonprofit education organization shares governance with Edsel & Eleanor Ford House.
“Bringing together the estates of Henry Ford and his only child Edsel offers a multitude of new opportunities for the community,” said Kathleen Mullins, president of both Henry Ford Estate and Edsel & Eleanor Ford House. “Henry Ford inspired a remarkable story of innovation, philanthropy and responsibility – a story that will be more effectively shared with the coming together of these important properties.”
The transfer is the first step in a new era for the estate, which will be restored and reimagined to appeal to the next generation of those interested in the unique life and times of Henry Ford.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Help Wanted: Ford’s Largest Salaried Hiring Initiative in More Than a Decade Grows by 800 Jobs to 3,000 New U.S. Hires

  • Ford will hire 3,000 salaried employees – 800 more than previously expected – this year to continue its product momentum and new growth
  • Of the 3,000 new hires, 80 percent will be technical professionals to meet demand for new skills; 85 to 90 percent will be in Michigan, with the remaining positions at Ford locations throughout the United States
  • Ford launches advertising campaign with expanded use of social media to target prospective employees
  • New salaried positions are in addition to company’s goal to create 12,000 hourly jobs in the U.S. by 2015
DEARBORN, Mich., July 23, 2013 – Ford Motor Company will hire an additional 800 salaried employees for a total of more than 3,000 salaried employees in 2013. The new hiring represents a 36 percent increase over the original projection of 2,200 additional salaried jobs announced in January. With only a 2.7 percent attrition rate, the majority of these jobs are new.
This salaried hiring initiative is the largest since 2000, and is necessary for Ford to meet surging demand for its products and continue its aggressive global growth. Ford’s U.S. market share is up almost a full percentage point from last year, and the company reported its best June sales since 2006, fueled by share gains on the east and west coasts and surging demand for Ford Escape and Ford F-150.
Of the 3,000 new jobs, 2,400 will be technical professionals who will work in product development, manufacturing, quality, purchasing and information technology. Ford is halfway to its goal of hiring the 3,000 salaried employees this year. Felicia Fields, Ford group vice president for human resources, says the company is still looking for people who are “interested in working for a diverse global leader in a huge growth mode” to fill the more than 1,500 positions that remain.
“Engineers and technical professionals are in as much demand as our cars, trucks and SUVs,” says Fields. “Global demand and increasing capacity in North America and Asia requires that we aggressively seek out technical professionals in order to continue our growth.”
While the 3,000 jobs will be based in the U.S., many of these positions will have a global impact as Ford continues to expand around the world to meet surging demand for its cars, trucks and SUVs. In addition to the 3,000 salaried jobs, Ford hired 1,850 salaried workers last year in the U.S.
All-new recruiting campaign
To attract potential employees, Ford today launches an all-new recruiting campaign with a large social media element titled “The Distance Between You and an Amazing Career Has Never Been Shorter.” The campaign encourages candidates to bring their talents to Ford and contribute to serving customers through ingenious solutions.
“We created the campaign to align with Ford’s global brand promise and highlight that when you join Ford you will become part of a team already leading the way in imagination and creation,” says Fields. “We want a fresh and innovative image that reflects Ford and what we stand for.”
The new initiative will engage job candidates on the three major social sites the company uses for recruiting – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as the corporate careers website.
“The type of talent we want at Ford are often searching for and evaluating potential employers on social media sites, so expanding our recruiting efforts on these channels ensures we have a strong presence throughout their selection process,” says Fields.
In addition to the all-new social media campaign, Ford also is increasing its presence on college campuses.
“Our salaried hires are matching the growth we have seen on the hourly side,” says Fields. “Ford is very much in a job creation mode right now.”
Added to these salaried hires, Ford announced in April it was hiring an additional 2,000 hourly employees at Kansas City Assembly Plant to ensure supply matches demand for the company’s F-150 truck. Last year, Ford announced it would hire more than 6,200 hourly employees across the U.S. to increase capacity to meet demand for its new products. With these latest hourly announcements, Ford has reached 75 percent of its goal to create 12,000 hourly jobs in the U.S. by 2015.
“Our message to job candidates is really simple: Bring your talents to Ford and help us build an even greater future,” says Fields.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ford Delivers Best Hybrid Sales Quarter Ever; Grows Its Market Share and Attracts New Customers to the Brand

  • Ford Motor Company delivers its best hybrid quarter ever, with second-quarter sales up 517 percent over last year and up 15 percent over first-quarter 2013
  • Ford C-MAX and Ford Fusion hybrids are driving sales growth in nontraditional hybrid markets, including Miami, New York, Washington, D.C. and Seattle, as well as California
  • Ford has six electrified Ford and Lincoln vehicles on sale in the U.S. and is on track to triple its electrified vehicle production by the end of this year, compared with 2011
  • Following the conclusion of a collaboration with Toyota, Ford is moving forward with the development of a rear-wheel-drive hybrid system on its own; Ford is on track to have the hybrid system ready later this decade on rear-wheel-drive Ford pickups and SUVs  
DEARBORN, Mich., July 23, 2013 – Ford Motor Company set a record for hybrid sales in the second quarter of 2013, with sales of 24,217 vehicles – up 517 percent over last year and up 15 percent over the first quarter of 2013 – as demand grows in markets across the United States and as more Toyota and Honda customers trade in their vehicles for a Ford.
It is Ford’s best-ever quarter for hybrid vehicle sales and the first time the company sold more than 24,000 hybrids in a quarter. Ford’s share of the U.S. electrified vehicle market grows to nearly 16 percent in the first half of 2013 – a 12-point gain over last year.
Fueling the growth is increasing demand for Ford C-MAX and Ford Fusion hybrid vehicles in California and other new hybrid markets. For example, demand also increased more than 1,000 percent in New York. Chicago saw an 840 percent gain, while hybrid sales rose almost 730 percent in Seattle and close to 500 percent in Washington, D.C. More than 60 percent of U.S. customers are coming from non-Ford brands, with Toyota and Honda vehicles the top competitive trade-ins.
“Customers have come to expect fuel economy and leading technology with every new vehicle Ford delivers,” said Jim Farley, executive vice president, global marketing, sales and service and Lincoln. “Our newest hybrids are contributing to Ford’s growth and share gains, while bringing new customers into the showroom in nontraditional hybrid markets.”
Through June 2013, Ford sold more than 46,000 electrified vehicles. The company’s strong product lineup has led to Ford’s U.S. market share growing at a faster rate than competitors – gaining nearly a full percentage point through the first half of the year.
Six electrified vehicles – and more to come
Ford offers a variety of electrified vehicle options, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and a battery electric vehicle. The company now has six electrified vehicle choices available in the U.S., including Ford Fusion Hybrid, Ford C-MAX Hybrid, Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid, Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, Ford Focus Electric and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.
Already Ford’s most fuel-efficient sedan, the all-new Fusion Energi has an EPA-rated total range of up to 620 miles and the ability to drive 21 miles in electric-only mode – nearly triple the electric-only range of plug-in hybrids from Toyota and Honda.
Ford Fusion Hybrid is America’s most fuel-efficient midsize hybrid with an EPA-estimated rating of 47 mpg city, highway and combined, up to 6 mpg better than the Toyota Camry Hybrid combined. The all-new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid delivers an EPA-rated 45 mpg city, highway and combined – making it America’s most fuel-efficient luxury sedan.
Ford Focus Electric is one of America’s most fuel-efficient compact cars with an EPA-rated 110 MPGe city, 99 MPGe highway and 105 MPGe combined.
Rear-wheel-drive hybrid for trucks and SUVs on track
After successfully completing the feasibility and development of the hybrid system project with Toyota, Ford is moving forward on its own with development of a rear-wheel-drive hybrid system for Ford pickups and SUVs.
The new hybrid system – which will be available by the end of this decade – will be based on an all-new architecture to deliver the capability truck and SUV customers demand while providing greater fuel economy.
“We know what it takes to build world-class hybrids, and we now will build and leverage that expertise in-house,” said Raj Nair, group vice president, global product development. “By continuing to develop a rear-wheel-drive hybrid system on our own, we can extend our advanced hybrid technologies to new vehicle segments and deliver even better fuel economy across our lineup.”
While collaboration on the rear-wheel-drive hybrid has concluded, Ford and Toyota will continue to work together on development of next-generation standards for in-car telematics, back-end support systems for call centers and Internet-based services – all designed to bring more Internet-based information to consumers globally.
Preparing for the future
To meet increasing demand for hybrids, Ford is hiring more than 200 new electrification engineers and expanding its research facilities to speed development of hybrid and electrified vehicles. Ford also continues to bring in-house more of the development of its most advanced vehicles. This includes the design and engineering of transmissions, batteries and control systems, along with work on the rear-wheel-drive hybrid system.
Ford’s continued accelerated work in hybrids is a key component of the company’s Blueprint for Sustainability and plays an important role in delivering leading fuel economy.
Within the last year, Ford has invested more than $355 million to design, engineer and manufacture key components for its electrified vehicle lineup.
An additional $50 million investment in research and development facilities will double Ford’s electrification battery-testing capabilities, helping to speed electrified vehicle development by as much as 25 percent.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fusion. Choices Official Trailer HD

They want you to think you don't have a choice. They want you to blend in. To disappear. But there is hope. You do have a choice. Let Ford Fusion show you the way.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mustang. The Legend Official Trailer HD

They can't outrun him. They can't even catch him. But you can. This is a story of a legend that's as real as your local Ford Dealer. In fact, that's exactly where you can catch this Ford Mustang legend -- but you'd better hurry.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ford Police Interceptor Surveillance Mode

Ford Motor Company's commitment to police office security is taken to the next level through a new system for POlice Interceptors that provides an additional measure of security and mitigates the risk to police officers who are approached -- especially at night -- from the rear while sitting in their police vehicles.

Officer Claudia Kruger from Northville, Michigan demonstrates the new system and her thoughts as an active police officer.

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Technology for Ford Police Interceptor Uses Radar, Backup Camera to Alert, Protect Law Enforcement Officers

  • Surveillance mode technology for Ford Police Interceptor introduced to warn and help protect law enforcement officers from unexpected approaches to their vehicle from the rear
  • Using existing driver-assist technologies to detect a person approaching Ford Police Interceptor from behind, the system automatically sounds a chime, rolls up the driver’s side window and locks all doors
DEARBORN, Mich., July 19, 2013 – A new technology available for Ford Police Interceptor will provide an additional measure of security for law enforcement officers by mitigating their risk of being snuck up on from the rear while working in their vehicles, especially at night.
The new surveillance mode technology works by using existing Ford driver-assist technologies – a backup camera, cross-traffic alert and reverse park assist – to give police officers added situational awareness and a first line of defense from potential assailants.
When an officer activates the system with the vehicle in park, the backup camera, combined with sensors that detect blind spots and parking obstacles, continually monitors the area to the rear of the vehicle. Surveillance mode can be turned off in situations such as curbside urban settings where pedestrians would constantly set the alarm off.
The patent-pending idea is the brainchild of Randy Freiburger, Ford police and ambulance fleet supervisor. Freiburger spent many hours riding along with police officers and saw firsthand the dangers officers face in the course of routine patrols and investigations.
“I can tell you from personal experience at night that officer security is a critical concern,” says Freiburger. “Unfortunately, there are people with bad intentions who sneak up on police officers. This system builds upon the Ford Police Interceptor DNA that puts safety and security at the top of the list.”
Officers have to write reports, monitor an in-car computer or radar gun, and perform other tasks while sitting in their vehicle. Surveillance mode gives them an extra set of eyes to help guard against threats – especially at night when visibility is compromised.
Ford collaborated with Intermotive Inc. of Auburn, Calif., which developed and will sell the surveillance mode system along with several other innovative law enforcement products. The system can be installed at Crown, the facility near Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant where lights and other accessories are added, or at local upfitters by working directly with Intermotive.
Surveillance mode is available for the 2014 Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility vehicle.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ford Provides Energy-Efficient Technology to Another American Home in Commitment to Sustainable Living

  • MyEnergi Lifestyle Retrofit, the Ford-led initiative designed to showcase how a typical American family can affordably move to an energy-efficient lifestyle, concludes after a month of competition and thousands of contest entries
  • Winner to take home a 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi along with new Whirlpool brand appliances, SunPower solar system and other products designed for energy-efficient living
  • The Sattler family of Parker, Colo., won the nationwide contest on the strength of their commitment to live more sustainably
  • Through the MyEnergi Lifestyle retrofit of their home, the Sattlers can expect to see up to a 60 percent reduction in energy costs and a 55 percent reduction in CO2
DEARBORN, Mich., July 17, 2013 – The winners of the Ford-led MyEnergi Lifestyle Retrofit contest – designed to showcase how a typical American family can affordably move to an energy-efficient lifestyle – are Lindsay and Ben Sattler of Parker, Colo.
Ben Sattler teaches alternative fuels and home energy efficiency courses to inner-city school children, while Lindsay ensures the Sattlers keep a sustainable home life. As the second winners of a MyEnergi Lifestyle retrofit, the Sattlers will receive a grand prize package enabling them to integrate today’s plug-in vehicle technology, smart appliances and solar energy into their home to reduce their electricity bills and carbon emissions. In May, Susan Berry of Ventura, Calif., won a MyEnergi Lifestyle giveaway on the “Katie” show.
“Ford is making yet another American home more energy efficient as part of its global commitment to a better world,” says Mike Tinskey, global director of vehicle electrification and infrastructure for Ford. “By combining the latest technologies such as the Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, energy-efficient appliances and renewable energy generation, the Sattler family should see up to a 60 percent reduction in energy costs and a 55 percent reduction in CO2.”
Leaders in the home appliance, renewable energy and power management industries – including Eaton, SunPower, Whirlpool, Infineon and Nest Labs – are collaborating with Ford on the initiative.
“Winning the MyEnergi Lifestyle Retrofit contest is truly life-changing for us,” says Lindsay Sattler. “Now, we have the freedom to bless others with the money we’re saving, and more opportunities to live out what my husband teaches to his students.”
Thousands of families entered the nationwide contest. The Sattlers won on the strength of an essay Lindsay wrote detailing the family’s passion for sustainability and what they do to live an energy-efficient lifestyle. “We are always trying to find new ways we can use less energy and save more money to make life a little more enjoyable,” Lindsay wrote.
Energy-saving technologies have advanced as Americans’ energy use has increased.In 1930, the average American home used 500 kilowatt-hours of electricity; today, the figure is 11,000 – an increase of 2,100 percent. The MyEnergi Lifestyle initiative demonstrates how a typical American family can optimize its energy output.
MyEnergi Lifestyle works by leveraging technology so key energy-consuming devices in a home use less energy, while also shifting energy usage to less expensive periods.
The Sattlers have won a 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid vehicle; Eaton solar inverter, solar-ready load center with surge protection, electric vehicle supply equipment and generator; five-kilowatt SunPower system; Nest learning thermostat; Powerhouse dynamic eMonitor; Whirlpool brand smart dishwasher, smart washer and dryer, smart refrigerator and hybrid heat pump water heater.
If every home in the country were to adopt a MyEnergi Lifestyle like the Sattlers are doing, it would be the equivalent of taking all the homes in California, New York and Texas off the power grid. That’s 32 million homes.
Ford’s new C-MAX Energi is America’s most affordable plug-in hybrid vehicle with a starting price of $29,995, and the Sattlers are excited for the opportunity to drive it. “Having a hybrid vehicle is my husband’s dream,” Lindsay says.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ford Further Improving On-Road Hybrid Fuel Economy and Hiring for Future, as Electrified Vehicle Share Quadruples

  • Ford’s share of U.S. electrified vehicle market grows to nearly 16 percent during first half of 2013, a 12-point gain over the same period last year – supporting the company’s nearly 1-point increase in overall U.S. market share, the biggest gain of any full-line automaker
  • Ford electrified vehicle sales help drive coastal growth, including the largest retail share increase in California of any brand this year; top trade-in for new Ford C-MAX Hybrid is Toyota Prius, which has seen a 5 percent drop in sales
  • Committed to continuously improving fuel economy, Ford is enhancing the on-road fuel economy performance of its 2013-model hybrid vehicles
  • Ford also expanding electrification engineering jobs by nearly 50 percent and investing $50 million in electrified vehicle development centers to further its commitment to deliver leading fuel economy across its lineup
DEARBORN, Mich., July 16, 2013 – As Ford’s share of the U.S. electrified vehicle market has quadrupled in the past year, the company is announcing improvements to the on-road fuel economy performance of its hybrid vehicles, hiring new engineers, and expanding its research facilities for expected continued growth.
This year, Ford’s share of the U.S. electrified vehicle market is up 12 share points to nearly 16 percent, while Toyota’s share is down 8 share points, and more customers are trading in their Priuses for the new Ford C-MAX Hybrid.
“Strong consumer acceptance of Ford hybrids shows that our plan to lead in fuel economy across our lineup is working,” said Raj Nair, group vice president, Global Product Development. “Our commitment to deliver great fuel economy in our cars, utilities and trucks is a key reason we are seeing strong growth in coastal markets and with import buyers.”
Ford reported electrified vehicle sales of 46,197 units through June – more than 400 percent higher than the same period a year ago. Ford C-MAX Hybrid and Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid are helping drive this growth. C-MAX is drawing new buyers in coastal markets and in Florida and Texas, as Toyota Prius U.S. sales have declined 5 percent. Meanwhile, the Ford brand had the largest retail share increase in California of any brand during the first five months of 2013, based on the latest Polk retail registration data.
Last month, 64 percent of C-MAX Hybrid buyers came from non-Ford brands. In fact, the vehicle most traded in for a Ford C-MAX is Toyota Prius.
Lincoln MKZ also is bringing new customers into the showroom. Strong demand has led Lincoln to increase the production mix of MKZ Hybrid to 40 percent of MKZ production, up from 20 percent.
Electrified vehicles part of larger Ford success story
The company’s strong product lineup has led to Ford’s U.S. market share growing at a faster rate than competitors – gaining nearly a full percentage point through the first half of the year. The Ford brand also achieved the fastest retail share growth of any automotive brand on the coasts, up almost 2.5 percentage points compared with 2008, based on Ford’s analysis of Polk retail registration data.
Consumer demand is strong across the company’s lineup – with its fuel-efficient cars, utilities and trucks all showing gains this year.
One example is the Ford brand’s coastal retail passenger car share, which is up more than 1 percentage point and growing at about three times the rate of the industry.
Another success is in what Ford calls the “super segment” – small cars, midsize sedans and small utilities that have fueled 42 percent of the company’s overall growth since 2008. Ford’s small cars, including Fiesta, Focus and C-MAX, totaled 35,851 sales last month, a 39 percent increase over last year and the company’s best June small car sales in 13 years.
Ford Fusion has seen record sales for the first half of the year, and Escape continues to be the best-selling utility in America – posting record sales the last five months.
Overall, Ford is on track to be the best-selling brand of utility vehicles for three straight years. Ford F-Series has been America’s best-selling pickup for 36 straight years; it sold more than 367,000 trucks during the first half of the year – a 22 percent increase over last year.
Better on-road mileage performance for hybrids
As its electrified vehicle market share grows, Ford also is taking action to improve the on-road fuel economy performance of 2013-model hybrid vehicles in the United States and Canada. Starting in August, the company will make calibration updates designed to improve on-road fuel economy for owners of the 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid, 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.
“We are committed to continuously improving the fuel economy of our vehicles,” said Nair. “We believe these actions will provide our customers enhanced on-road fuel economy satisfaction.”
Calibration updates to Ford hybrid vehicles include control system enhancements for a variety of driving conditions on the highway, during short trips and while using the climate control system. Enhancements designed to improve customer satisfaction include:
  • Increasing the maximum pure electric speed to 85 mph from 62 mph, allowing increased use of electric-only mode on the highway
  • Optimizing the use of Active Grille Shutters to reduce aerodynamic drag under more driving and temperature conditions including cold weather, during air conditioner use and when the engine coolant temperature is higher
  • Reducing the electric fan speed as a function of coolant temperature to minimize the fan’s energy consumption
  • Shortening engine warm-up time by up to 50 percent to enable electric-only driving and engine shutdown at stops sooner after cold starts
  • Optimizing the climate control system to minimize use of the air conditioning compressor and reduce the energy used in cold weather operation
“Just as individual mileage can vary based on driving styles and environmental conditions, we expect fuel economy improvements will differ from customer to customer depending on individual driving habits,” said Nair. “Customers should see the most improvement at highway speeds, during air conditioner use and operation in colder climates.”
Expanding for the future
This year, Ford also will expand its electrification engineering team by nearly 50 percent, growing to 500 salaried employees. Further, the company is investing an additional $50 million in electrified product development and testing centers in Dearborn.
Ford will double electrification battery-testing capabilities by the end of the year – to a total of 160 individual battery-test cells – helping to speed hybrid and electric vehicle development by as much as 25 percent.
“This investment in new engineers and expanded facilities helps us prepare for growth,” said Nair. “All of us at Ford remain absolutely committed to offering customers a choice of leading fuel-efficient vehicles – from EcoBoost®-powered gasoline engines and hybrids to plug-in hybrids and electrified vehicles.”

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For the Kids: Mustang Riding Toys - Ford Mustang Countdown

For nearly as long parents have been driving Mustangs, there have pint-sized versions made for the kids . Shortly after the debut of the Mustang in 1964, AMF introduced a red convertible pedal car version, originally priced at $12.95. AMF produced the pedal car for several years before selling the tooling to another company where it languished in a Mexican warehouse for more than 30 years before being rediscovered and returned to America to resume production. More recently Fisher-Price has had tremendous success with its line of battery-powered Power Wheels Mustangs.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Escape. The Heist Official Trailer HD

Two hot dames with technology on their side plan the perfect heist -- picture perfect in fact. See how the Ford Escape makes a clean and very efficient getaway.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fiesta. The Surfer Official Trailer HD

1,000 miles separate a landlocked barney from his dream of catching the coastal big ones. Does he washout or does the Ford Fiesta help him reach his goal?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

F-150. Super Hero Official Trailer HD

A city under siege and defenseless against the onslaught from a giant robotic creature. Will our super hero show up in time to save the city? Is there any doubt? Watch to find out if the Ford F-150 saves the day.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Edge. One Call Official Trailer HD

Separated by distance, united by hunger. All that was needed was a phone call. Watch and see how easy it is to make that call in a new Edge.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Super Duty.® Toughness has a Name Official Trailer HD

A classic story about everyman's struggle against the odds. See how strength, toughness and determination win out and make you the hero with the Ford Super Duty®.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Focus. The Break Up Official Trailer HD

Breaking up isn't always easy -- especially when the significant other is, shall we say, "long in the teeth." Let the Ford Focus show you how to shake off the heartbreak.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ford's Advanced Prototyping, Personalization and Low-Volume Production Technology

Ford engineers are developing a highly flexible, first-of-its-kind, patented technology to rapidly form sheet metal parts for low-volume production applications. Once fully developed, the technology (Ford Freeform Fabrication Technology, or F3T) will allow for lower costs and ultrafast delivery times for prototypes -- within three business days versus conventional methods that take anywhere from two to six months.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

2013 Ford Fusion -- #FordAnd

A successful businessman gets in his new Fusion and prepares for the day. But since his Fusion is stylish and has EcoBoost, he's not restricted to just going to work. He's the envy of his passengers and he goes to sporting events with his buddies and on multiple dates and is able to take joyrides and is admired by kids on his block. Only Ford gives him EcoBoost fuel economy AND a whole lot more. That's why Ford is an AND company.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ford Motor Company U.S. Sales Up 13 Percent; Ford Cars, Escape Continue Record-Setting Pace, Driving Coastal Share

  • Ford Motor Company’s June U.S. sales increase 13 percent compared with a year ago; best June sales since 2006  
  • Ford Escape and passenger cars  continue to propel share gains, particularly on the coasts, with Escape setting its fifth straight record month in June
  • Ford F-Series sales post best June sales since 2005
  • All-new Lincoln MKZ posts best-ever June sales and best quarterly sales performance ever
 DEARBORN, Mich., July 2, 2013 – Ford Motor Company’s U.S. June sales grew 13 percent compared with a year ago, marking Ford’s best June sales results since 2006. Cars are up 12 percent, utilities are up 8 percent, and trucks are up 20 percent.

“In June, we continued to see strong demand across the entire lineup,” said Ken Czubay, Ford vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service. “We’re particularly encouraged by strong retail share gains, especially in coastal markets, where the combination of great design and fuel economy is resonating with customers – including many buying a Ford for the first time.”

Ford small cars – including Fiesta, Focus and C-MAX – totaled 35,851, up 39 percent over last year and marking the best June small car performance in 13 years. Escape posted its best-ever monthly sales, up 1 percent at 28,694 vehicles. Escape set record sales for the fifth straight time this year. The small car performance, combined with strong demand for Escape and Fusion, is driving national share gains, especially in the critical western and southeastern areas of the U.S.

Posting a 23rd consecutive monthly sales increase, F-Series sales are up 24 percent at 68,009 vehicles. This was the best June sales month for F-Series since 2005.

The Lincoln MKZ posted its best-ever June sales, with 3,180 vehicles sold. In addition, the second quarter represented MKZ’s best quarterly sales performance ever and its first time to exceed 10,000 cars in a quarter, with 10,682 sold.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013 Ford Focus -- #FordAnd

A young woman gets ready to hit the road in her new Focus. Her Focus is fun to drive, which means she can take her nieces out to a movie and hang with her girls and take the scenic route and wash the Focus with her friends and redefine "speed dating." Only Ford gives her EcoBoost fuel economy AND a whole lot more. That's why Ford is an AND company.

Monday, July 1, 2013

U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Edition Ford Mustang Celebrates Aviation Team’s 60th Anniversary, Supports Young Eagles

  • One-of-a-kind 2014 Ford Mustang design inspired by 60th anniversary of acclaimed U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds to be sold at charity auction Aug. 1 at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis.
  • Sale will benefit the EAA Young Eagles organization: Ford auction vehicles have collectively raised nearly $2 million in recent years to support Young Eagles
  • This one-of-a-kind car is VIN 0001 of the 2014 model year and boasts unique body treatments above and below the vehicle
DEARBORN, Mich., July 1, 2013 – The engineering and design teams at Ford Motor Company have produced a unique U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Edition 2014 Ford Mustang GT. This car will be donated by Ford to be sold at the Gathering of Eagles charity event on Thursday, Aug. 1 during the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 – the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.
All proceeds from the car donation and sale will benefit the EAA Young Eagles program, which has provided free introductory flights to more than 1.6 million young people since 1992, helping inspire and motivate the next generation of leaders, aviators and innovators.
Ford is the exclusive automotive sponsor of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, held July 29 through Aug. 4 at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wis.
“The dedication and excellence displayed by the United States Air Force Thunderbirds are qualities we also celebrate at Ford,” said Edsel B. Ford II, a member of the Ford board of directors. “With this year’s beautiful U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Edition Mustang, we’ve captured the recognizable symbols of their stature and paired it with the innovation our Ford design and engineering teams build into all of our products.
“Through this project,” Ford added, “we take great pride in continuing our support for EAA and the Young Eagles organization.”
This unique U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Ford Mustang GT celebrates and commemorates the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, the fastest, multi-jet flight demonstration team in the world. Thunderbirds fly the F-16 Falcon, known for its glossy red, white and blue paint scheme.
This one-of-a-kind car is VIN 0001. The design of the modified 2014 Mustang GT 5.0-liter glass-roof coupe exudes a creative connection to the Thunderbirds, with a contemporary flair for the serious collector.
The exterior will showcase a custom brilliant white paint with red and blue accents, as well as markings and logos, tying it to the Thunderbirds’ F-16 Falcon aircraft. The unique treatment includes wide body modifications and a handcrafted and painted “belly pan” that emulates the F-16 Thunderbird appearance. TS Designs handcrafted the front and rear wide body elements, Creations n’ Chrome crafted the unique belly pan – plus applied the paint and markings – and Forgiato created custom 22-inch wheels to further differentiate this Mustang from anything else on the road.
Unique interior details of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Edition Ford Mustang GT include a modified navigation screen, instrument cluster and rear seat-delete. The car’s Recaro® seats include embroidered Thunderbirds elements. Additional features include unique sill plates and puddle lamps that project the aircraft silhouette when the doors open.
Ford Racing components will boost the performance to an extraordinary level. With the addition of a Ford Racing supercharger, suspension handling pack and Brembo® brakes, the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Edition Mustang will exude class, power and performance.
Ford Design Manager Melvin Betancourt and Mustang Chief Nameplate Engineer Dave Pericak led the design and engineering teams that developed the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Edition Mustang GT.
The Young Eagles auction is part of the EAA Gathering of Eagles gala. The Gathering of Eagles annually draws more than 1,000 aviation enthusiasts in support of Young Eagles and other EAA programs that inspire young people to become engineers, aviators, astronauts, scientists and innovators – the aviation pioneers of tomorrow.
“Ford is a longtime, committed sponsor of EAA and AirVenture, bringing value to those who make Oshkosh the pinnacle of their aviation year,” said Jack Pelton, EAA Chairman. “These specialty vehicles reflect the depth of Ford’s commitment and allow EAA to provide support to its valuable programs and dedicated members in helping us grow the next generation of aviators.”
The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Edition joins five other one-of-a-kind Mustangs created by the Ford design and engineering teams for the EAA Young Eagles auction in recent years, each generating excitement among aviation and automotive enthusiasts alike. Ford vehicles sold at auction during past EAA AirVenture events have collectively raised nearly $1.9 million to support Young Eagles.
The unique vehicles produced by Ford in support of EAA Young Eagles include the Mustang AV8R, with cues from the F-22 “Raptor,” which in 2008 helped introduce the glass-roof canopy and delivered a record auction contribution of $500,000. In 2009 Ford’s AV-X10 “Dearborn Doll” Mustang was crafted in honor of World War II aircraft. In 2010 two automotive icons – the late Carroll Shelby, a former U.S. Air Force flight instructor, and Jack Roush, longtime P-51 pilot – collaborated for the first time to create the SR-71 “Blackbird” Mustang inspired by the legendary reconnaissance jet. The “Blue Angels” Mustang in 2011 celebrated 100 years of United States naval aviation, and last year’s “Red Tails” Mustang paid homage to the Tuskegee Airmen, the courageous squadron of P-51 Mustang pilots who were the United States’ first African American military airmen.
During EAA AirVenture, Ford will offer attendees access to the latest advances in automobile technology and feature exciting attractions and fan favorites at the Ford Hangar on the grounds of Wittman Regional Airport. Ford activities include top-tier entertainment and interactive components that will add excitement for the hundreds of thousands of aviation fans in attendance.