Monday, January 31, 2011

Top Ford Finshers United Autosports w/MSR share their Rolex 24 Experience

Top Ford Finshers United Autosports w/Michael Shank Racing share their Rolex 24 Experience

Sunday, January 30, 2011

110 Years of Ford Racing

As part of a year long celebration of Ford Racing's 110th Anniversary, check out this flip through the photo archives.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ford Intelligent Vehicle Technology Animation

Ford's Intelligent Vehicle technology allows cars to "talk" to each other, warning of potential danger.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ford F-150 EcoBoost Torture Test Episode 6: Teardown

Check out the video of the Teardown of engine 448AA that endured over 160,000 miles of torture. Watch as engineers Jim Mazuchowski and Phil Fabien discuss the Torture Test program and how the engine held up.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ford Supercharges Electric Vehicle Plan, Unveiling New C-Max Energi and C-Max Hybrid Products

C-MAX Energi
  • Ford will launch C-MAX Energi, its first-ever production plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, and C-MAX Hybrid, a full hybrid variant, in North America in 2012 and Europe in 2013
  • Both versions of the five-passenger multi-activity vehicle will leverage the company’s global C-car platform, critically acclaimed powersplit hybrid architecture, next-generation driver information features and advanced, lighter and smaller lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery systems
  • C-MAX Hybrid is targeted to deliver better miles per gallon than Ford Fusion Hybrid, the most fuel-efficient sedan in America
  • C-MAX Energi targets more than 500 miles (800 kilometers) of driving range using the battery and engine, more than any other plug-in or extended-range vehicle. It also targets AT-PZEV status and delivers better charge-sustaining fuel economy than Chevrolet Volt

Detroit, Jan. 10, 2011 – Ford today revealed two next-generation hybrid vehicles – including its first production plug-in hybrid electric vehicle – at the 2011 North American International Auto Show, bringing consumers more choice, versatility and style for high-mileage family-friendly vehicles.

Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid and C-MAX Hybrid are based on the new Ford C-MAX five-passenger multi-activity vehicle, and each will offer high mileage and low emissions as well as distinctive body design and a flexible interior. The plug-in hybrid and third-generation full hybrid leverage Ford’s global C-car platform, acclaimed powersplit architecture, next-generation driver information features and advanced lithium-ion battery systems.
“C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid will be perfect for families looking to maximize their hybrid car experience,” said Nancy Gioia, Ford director of Global Electrification. “Thanks to the versatile interior, these cars are going to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers who need room to grow.”

C-MAX Hybrid is targeted to deliver better fuel economy than the 41 mpg Ford Fusion Hybrid, the most fuel-efficient sedan in America today. It builds on the success of the critically acclaimed powersplit architecture Ford uses in its current hybrids, allowing it to operate in fuel-saving electric mode beyond 47 mph.

Both the C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid models will be built alongside the all-new 2012 Ford Focus and Focus Electric at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich. The plant’s production is powered in part by one of the largest solar energy generator systems in the state. The C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid vehicles sold in Europe in 2013 will be built at Ford’s plant in Valencia, Spain, starting in 2013.

The plug-in advantage
Targeted to achieve AT-PZEV (Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) status, C-MAX Energi provides maximum fuel efficiency by pairing a high-voltage lithium-ion battery and electric traction motor with a high-efficiency Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine. This allows it to run in electric mode before using the gasoline engine.

C-MAX Energi will offer more than 500 miles (800 kilometers) of overall driving range using the battery and engine – more than any other plug-in or extended-range electric vehicle. C-MAX Energi delivers better charge-sustaining fuel economy than Chevrolet Volt.

In general, plug-in hybrid vehicles offer several benefits, including:
  • Electric driving range, perfect for emissions-free and silent city driving
  • Potential consumer savings on energy and fuel costs thanks to improved fuel efficiency over a standard hybrid
  • Reduced dependency on petroleum and increased energy independence
  • Reduced environmental impact through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increased use of electricity from renewable energy sources (e.g. wind and solar), where available, for vehicle recharging
“A plug-in hybrid owner may make fewer trips to the pump to refuel because of its all-electric mode capability,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford vice president of Global Product Development. “Conveniently, they’ll be able to recharge their plug-in hybrid at home overnight. And they’ll never have to think about the vehicle’s electric range, because the plug-in hybrid seamlessly shifts to fuel power when needed.”

The development of Ford’s first-ever production plug-in hybrid leverages more than 200,000 miles of road testing conducted in collaboration with a coalition of 10 utility companies, the U.S. Department of Energy, the New York State Energy Research and Development Administration and the Electric Power Research Institute.

Getting charged up
C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid will use advanced lithium-ion battery systems developed and assembled in-house by Ford in Michigan. Each system is smartly designed to maximize use of common, high-quality components, such as control board hardware that has proven field performance in Ford’s current, critically acclaimed hybrid vehicles.

Li-ion battery packs offer a number of advantages over the nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries that power today’s hybrid vehicles. In general, they are 25 to 30 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter, which makes them easier to package in a vehicle, and can be tuned to increase power to boost acceleration or to increase energy to extend driving distance.

While C-MAX Hybrid will operate much like today’s hybrid vehicles, C-MAX Energi will benefit from daily charging to maximize its all-electric range. Thanks to the efficiencies of its right-sized battery system, the plug-in hybrid easily recharges 100 percent overnight on a 120-volt outlet.

A full charge in C‑MAX Energi allows owners to increase their driving significantly in all-electric mode and drastically reduce their use of the on-board fuel engine.

On start-up, C-MAX Energi will operate in charge-depletion mode, providing electric driving range. When the battery has been depleted or certain conditions are met, it switches to charge-sustaining hybrid mode for continued optimal fuel efficiency.

Ford worked with a supplier to provide an industry-standard five-point plug for C-MAX Energi (and new Focus Electric) that is ergonomically comfortable to hold as well as durably and distinctively designed. The plug handle uses a matte-finished black rubber for a comfortable, non-slip grip and the plug head is shielded with a glossy white hard plastic to protect the electronics. The Ford Blue Oval trademark helps make the device immediately recognizable.

When the cord set connector is plugged into the vehicle’s charge port, which is located conveniently between the driver’s door and front wheel well, it activates a light ring that loops around the port twice in acknowledgement of connectivity. The light ring then illuminates in quadrants as the vehicle charges. Flashing quadrants represent charge in progress and solid-lit quadrants show stages of charge completion. When the entire ring is solidly lit, the vehicle is fully charged.

Smarter interface
C-MAX Energi owners will have access to a suite of driver information systems – on-board and off-board – designed to help them manage the recharge process, manage the most eco-friendly route on-board, remotely control their vehicle’s charge and preconditioning settings, monitor battery state of charge and maximize energy efficiency to extend use of electric mode. C-MAX Hybrid owners also will benefit from the on-board features.

Among these tools is a unique execution of MyFord Touch™ driver connect technology, especially for electrified driving. It offers exceptional configurability of vehicle information, including fuel level, battery power level, and average and instant miles per gallon.

The cluster’s new MyView feature allows drivers to access even more vehicle data such as the electrical demands of vehicle accessories, including air conditioning, which influences fuel economy and the electric driving range of the C-MAX Energi.

The Brake Coach feature helps to educate drivers to optimize their use of the regenerative brakes to recapture kinetic energy and send it back to the battery, also reducing wear on the brakes.

Long-term fuel efficiency can be displayed in two ways – either as a traditional chart or using an innovative display that shows a growing leafy vine on the right side of the cluster. The more efficient a customer is, the more lush and beautiful the leaves and vines become, creating a unique visual reward for the driver’s efforts.

To reinforce the message, at the end of each trip a display screen provides distance driven, miles gained through regenerative braking, fuel consumed (average and total) and a regenerative braking score.

New MyFord Mobile
Off-board, C-MAX Energi owners in North America can maintain constant contact with the car anywhere they have mobile phone or web access using the Ford-developed MyFord Mobile.

MyFord Mobile enables access to a secure Ford website and smartphone/feature phone app to get instant vehicle status information, perform key functions remotely, monitor the car’s state of charge and current range, get various alerts including when the vehicle requires charging, remotely program charge settings and download vehicle data for analysis.

The feature also allows the owner to program the vehicle to use electricity from the grid to heat or cool the battery and cabin while plugged in. For example, during hot summer months, owners can preprogram the car the evening before to be fully charged – and fully cooled to a particular temperature – by a certain time the following morning. Users can also locate the vehicle with GPS, remotely start the vehicle, and remotely lock and unlock the car doors.

Working with MapQuest®, MyFord Mobile can communicate charge station and other points of interest to C-MAX Energi using SYNC’s Traffic, Directions and Information (TDI) service. Turn-by-turn guidance is provided by the in-car map-based Navigation System. Drivers can also get up-to-date charging station information in their vehicle directly through SYNC TDI simply by connecting to SYNC Services.

Value charging, powered by Microsoft
Using the value charging feature, powered by Microsoft, C-MAX Energi owners in North America will be able to optimize their home’s energy use and vehicle recharging practices. Value charging allows Ford customers to reduce their electricity costs by taking advantage of off-peak or reduced rates from their utility without a complicated set-up process.

“Although C-MAX Energi owners won’t have to plug in, by doing so they’ll get the benefits of driving in electric mode for longer distances; that can mean fewer trips to the gas station and less emissions when driving,” said Sherif Marakby, director of Ford’s hybrid and electric programs. “That’s why we’ll be providing C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid owners with a user-friendly interface and tools like value charging that will help them get the most out of the vehicle’s electric mode capability.”

Proven powersplit technology
C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid build on the success of the critically acclaimed powersplit architecture Ford uses in its current hybrids, including the Ford Fusion Hybrid, winner of the 2010 MOTOR TREND Car of the Year® award.

In a powersplit hybrid, the electric motor and gasoline-powered engine can work together or separately to maximize efficiency. The engine also can operate independently of vehicle speed, charging the batteries or providing power to the wheels as needed. The motor alone can provide sufficient power to the wheels in low-speed, low-load conditions, and work with the engine at higher speeds.

While this system enables the current Fusion Hybrid to operate in fuel-saving electric mode up to 47 mph, Ford is targeting higher electric operating speeds for C-MAX Hybrid and even more capability for C-MAX Energi, which will have the advantage of additional battery power.

Ford’s global C-car strategy
C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid are two of at least 10 new models or derivatives that Ford will launch around the world based on its new global C-car platform – Ford’s first truly global One Ford platform.

Ford’s new generation of C-segment vehicles will be sold in more than 120 markets and will account for more than 2 million units annually. The C-segment accounts for one in four cars sold worldwide today and, in conjunction with the B-segment, is expected to rise to 50 percent of all cars sold globally by 2013.

The all-new C-MAX lineup also introduces a number of advanced new technologies to the compact multi-activity vehicle class. More often found only on larger or more premium cars, these technologies are focused on enhanced comfort, safety and sustainability, including the availability of new and powerful, yet highly fuel-efficient, low-CO2 Ford EcoBoost™ gas engines.

The previous European C-MAX established a reputation for providing a balance of enjoyable driving dynamics and impressive comfort. The all-new model is set to take that performance to a new level, giving drivers a class-leading combination of responsive, sporty handling and overall refinement approaching the standards usually associated with larger, luxury vehicles.

C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid are two of five electrified vehicles that Ford will bring to the North American market during the next two years. In addition, the Ford Transit Connect Electric small commercial van, built in collaboration with Azure Dynamics, began initial production at the end of 2010, and Focus Electric will launch in late 2011. A second next-generation hybrid electric vehicle will be announced later and available in North America and Europe in 2012.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Serious Bargain On F650 With Cummins Diesel And Unique Scelzi Steel Dump Body

Here's a real work truck and an extreme bargain at the same time. This is a unique body that has a lot of features. Here's all the details:

The chassis is a NEW 2008 Ford F650 Regular Cab. This truck is equipped with the famous Cummins 6.7 liter 200 HP/520 Lb Ft of Torque motor. It is perfectly matched to the Allison 2500 5-speed Automatic Transmission and the 4.88 axle ratio. This truck has a 26,000 GVWR, so does not require a commercial drivers license, and has an 8,500 lb front axle capacity. Other options and features of interest are stainless steel west coast mirrors, chrome front bumper, XL trim package, Air Conditioning, AM/FM stereo radio, hydraulic brakes, front tow hooks, synthetic front and rear wheel lube, EXHAUST BRAKE, backup alarm, jump start stud, 65 gallon fuel tank, AIR SUSPENSION SEAT, Hankook 11r22.5 DLO Tires, Hourmeter, transmission oil temp gauge, fender mounted front turn signals, 130amp alternator, and more. The VIN# is 8V069062.

The body is a Scelzi Paramount 10' 5-7 yard Steel Dump body designed with 10 guage Hi-tensile steel sides and ends with a 3/16" Hi-tensile steel floor with beveled side corners 8" up side walls. It has a double acting tailgate and 8"x3/16" Hi-tensile steel spreader apron, sloped running boards, along with double wall sides with center corrugation. The tailgate is a 6-panel and it also has a 1/4 cab shield, along with an LED lighting package with oval stop and turn lights in rear, corner post, recessed side clearance lights. The hoist is a Rugby class 50 using a direct mount pump with power up and power down. It is equipped with a heavy duty hitch plate, 15-ton pintle hitch and trailer plug.

If that wasn't enough, the body has these options: a ditch-gate or shovel door in the tailgate, a pulltarp to keep your loads covered , a tool box on the passenger side, and electric trailer brake.

This truck is a unique combination of great features, including the Cummins engine, Allison automatic transmission, special options including exhaust brake and of course, the great Scelzi Paramont Dump Body with a host of useful and valuable options. All of this makes an excellent value. Now, to the pricing:

MSRP on this awesome combination is $78,259.00

We've had this truck all to ourselves for too long, and we've really enjoyed having it around, but it is time for it to be shared with the world, so now you can get it for over $20,000.00 off the MSRP, for only

plus tax, license and doc fees


This is many, many thousands below dealer invoice cost.

Give us a call today at 916-353-2015, and ask for the fleet department! Now is a great time!

This vehicle is being offered for sale by Folsom Lake Ford, Folsom, CA. Subject to prior sale.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Small Promise: Ford Delivers On Commitment With 10 New Small Cars And Electrification Plans

  • Providing consumers even more choice, Ford is showcasing a family of 10 new C-segment cars at the 2011 North American International Auto Show – delivering on its vision for a new generation of high-quality, fuel-efficient products for customers around the world
  • World debut for three new electrified products that give consumers real fuel-saving choice – all-new Ford Focus Electric, the first Ford full-electric passenger car; Ford C-MAX Energi, its first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and the new Ford C-MAX Hybrid
  • Global reveal: Ford Vertrek concept, a design vision for a new-generation small sport utility vehicle that will join the new C-car product family, makes its first appearance
  • Ford C-MAX, a new seven-passenger multi-activity vehicle with dual sliding doors and a hands-free power liftgate, makes its North American debut at the auto show in Detroit

Detroit, Jan. 10, 2011 – Ford is producing 10 new-generation, fuel-efficient smaller cars that people really want – and is offering consumers its greatest variety of small vehicle choices, fuel or no fuel.

Delivering on its promise to create a new generation of global small cars, Ford today showcases 10 new C-segment vehicles together on one stage at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. Led by the all-new Ford Focus, the vehicle lineup demonstrates how Ford is transforming its product range for a high-tech, fuel-efficient future.

The impressive new model array sees the world debut of Focus Electric, the first fuel-free, zero-emissions passenger car from Ford Motor Company; the debut of two all-new, high-mileage family-friendly C-MAX vehicles including Ford’s first production plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV); and the global reveal of a vision for a future small sport utility vehicle – Ford Vertrek concept.

“It’s about giving consumers more options for fuel-efficient vehicles of this size and footprint and providing them the power of choice for electrified vehicles, as well,” said Mark Fields, Ford president of The Americas. “Today, a world-class, all-new Focus family joining the new Fiesta lineup is delivering more choice. Now, we’re bringing even more to customers with the versatility of the new C-MAX and three different alternatives for customers who want to save fuel by going electric, offering real choice and more products people really want.”

New platform powered by One Ford
The new products are created from a common global C-segment platform, which leverages Ford design, engineering and manufacturing strengths globally, broadens the reach of global car products to more than 120 markets, brings new levels of fuel efficiency and smart technology to customers worldwide and extends the company’s electrification strategy.

“These 10 great cars are what our One Ford plan is all about,” said Alan Mulally, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company. “Today it all comes together with a tremendous vision for more great products our customers will love, a strong business from a smarter global approach and a better world with major improvements in fuel economy and electrification. What is so cool is that this is just the beginning.”

Just a year after Mulally revealed Ford’s vision for its future global C-segment family at the same show, this year’s sweeping demonstration features 10 vehicles that will broaden the brand’s appeal in the world’s largest vehicle segment:
  • The all-new Ford Focus, the segment flagship targeting new levels of fuel economy and introducing an array of smart technologies to transform what customers expect from vehicles in the segment. The new Focus family – which goes on sale in North America and Europe starting early in 2011 – includes three vehicles, the dynamic five-door hatchback, the sporty four-door sedan and an all-new wagon to be marketed in Europe
  • All-new
    Ford Focus ST
    , the company’s first global performance vehicle, launching in 2012
  • World debut of all-new Focus Electric, Ford’s first battery electric passenger vehicle. Requiring no fuel and with zero emissions, Focus Electric is the first of five electrified vehicles in the Ford product plans, three of which debut at Detroit from the new platform
  • New Ford C-MAX, a new-generation multi-activity vehicle for five passengers being introduced in Europe and other global markets
  • New seven-passenger version of the Ford C-MAX multi-activity vehicle, with an industry-first hands-free liftgate, making its North American debut
  • World debut of the versatile five-passenger Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford’s first production plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, which will be introduced in North America in 2012 and Europe a year later
  • World debut of Ford C-MAX Hybrid, which will also be launched in 2012 in North America and in Europe in 2013
  • Global reveal of the new Ford Vertrek concept, the vision for a future compact sport utility vehicle from the new platform to appeal to customers around the world
The new family symbolizes that the One Ford global product development approach will give customers around the world more and more choice – including three significant electrified products – plus significant advancements in new features, smart technologies and fuel efficiency.

"A year ago, we shared our vision for a new generation of vehicles from a common global platform,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president for Global Product Development. “Today we’re delivering on that promise, but even more importantly we’re demonstrating the possibilities this new global approach has as it transforms the core of the Ford product lineup around the world.”

More electrification
As Ford shows three significant new electrified small cars in Detroit – Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid – the benefits of a key principle of its global product plan are clear.

The Ford approach to vehicle electrification leverages its new global product platforms, introducing electrified versions of traditionally powered cars – a strategy already proven within the North American Ford lineup of five hybrid vehicles, including the award-winning Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Escape Hybrid. This strategy differs from other automakers producing unique electrified vehicles because it enables Ford to deliver electrified vehicles more affordably to more customers – extending the sustainability benefits.

It means customers have more choices to achieve the fuel economy they need and want – making fuel efficiency a true reason to buy a Ford – plus enjoy a great-driving vehicle that embodies the company’s commitment to its core quality, green, safe and smart brand values.

The One Ford global product strategy allows Ford to leverage its investment in new products to give customers more – more model choices and more industry-leading features and technologies such as the new SYNC® with MyFord Touch™ driver connect technology.

Small cars for growth
The new model lineup is significant for global markets and is designed to bring even more appeal to the North American Ford showroom, where the company’s small car portfolio strengthens the Ford hand in an important and growing segment of the marketplace.

The new products will contribute further to balancing the Ford product range in North America. In 2004, cars and crossovers represented only 35 percent of Ford sales volumes, with trucks and SUVs claiming 65 percent. By 2010, stronger car and crossover sales resulted in a more balanced product range, up to 57 percent of overall volumes.

Small cars like the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus now represent one in five new vehicle sales in the United States, up from 14 percent of the market in 2004. The new Focus is poised to build on the impact of the all-new Fiesta in the Ford showroom, and with even more new products being offered in the segment, consumers will be given unprecedented choice.

Half of all first-time buyers under age 30 buy their first vehicle in the small car segment, which makes it a key segment for competitiveness. The expectations these customers have for a vehicle reflect other influences in their tech-savvy lives, such as mobile phones, laptops and tablet devices, in which “small” equals expressive and sophisticated, rather than basic.

Globally, small cars are even more popular, with one in four vehicles around the world coming from the C-segment. The new Ford product family is designed and engineered for global strength and appeal.
The momentum behind this new family will continue as volume production of the first of these new C-segment models gets under way in early 2011.

Production of the new Focus ramped up in December at the company’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich., and the Saarlouis plant in Germany.

Production of Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid models for North America will follow in late 2011, also at Michigan Assembly Plant, which is one of three North American plants being transformed to build these next-generation small car products.

Marketing Ford small cars globally
With the global appeal of its all-new small cars, Ford is taking an increasingly global approach to interact with customers by extending its engagement in social media through projects like the Fiesta Movement, Focus Rally: America and the new Focus Global Test Drive

“Developing a new generation of global cars like the all-new Focus creates huge opportunities to take a One Ford global approach to engaging with customers, too,” said Jim Farley, group vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service. “Ambitious and innovative engagement activities like our Focus Global Test Drive are more possible than ever before thanks to the significant efficiencies we’re able to realize by taking a single creative approach globally and creating a deeper and more emotional connection with our customers.”

Sunday, January 23, 2011


  • First Ford Transit Connect Taxis to be delivered in March to one of the largest cab companies in Chicago
  • Vehicles will run on clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG), which cuts back on greenhouse emissions
  • Vehicles include more room for passengers and new features for drivers such as the rear view camera
DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 21, 2011 – Ford Transit Connect Taxis will begin winding through the streets of the Windy City in March when a fleet of the alternative-fuel vehicles joins Yellow Cab Chicago.

Taxi Medallion Management purchased the 12 clean-burning compressed natural gas (CNG) Transit Connect Taxis for its fleet. The cabs will be affiliated with Yellow Cab Chicago and bear the company’s logo and color.
The purchase is part of the company’s goal of reducing emissions by 25 percent, said Michael Levine, CEO of Taxi Medallion Management. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, CNG is less expensive and burns cleaner than gasoline, resulting in 30 to 40 percent less greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are adding vehicles with more fuel-efficient gasoline engines, as well as vehicles with alternative-fuel sources, to find a vehicle mix that best suits our customers, our drivers, the city at large and the environment,” said Levine. “We are excited about testing this new vehicle.”

The Ford dealership, Packey Webb Ford, of Downers Grove, Ill., will deliver the taxi units to Taxi Medallion Management with an engine preparation package for conversion to CNG.

Since introduced as a production vehicle last year, Transit Connect Taxi is gaining interest from taxi operators around the country. The first taxi was delivered to Boston Cab Dispatch in December 2010.

“During product development of this vehicle, we visited cities across the U.S. speaking with taxi owners, operators, drivers and city officials on the key product attributes they wanted in a taxi,” said Gerald Koss, Ford Fleet marketing manager. “Of course reliability and durability were key, but fuel-efficient powertrains and sustainable solutions also were high on their lists.”

The Transit Connect Taxi package adds comfort for the passenger with a repositioned second-row seat for more legroom, grab handles and a rear ventilation system with passenger controls. For the driver, in addition to the comfortable driving environment, new features include rear view camera and back-up sensor, heavy-duty battery and wiring block connector to power upfitted accessories. The taxis have a 39-foot turning radius that provides excellent driving dynamics and takes the hassle out of tight spots.

The standard Ford Transit Connect – 2010 North American Truck of the Year – features a 2.0-liter I-4 engine that gets EPA-estimated 21 mpg city and 26 mpg highway, an estimated 30 percent improvement in fuel economy compared with traditional taxis.

In addition to CNG, Transit Connect Taxi is available with an engine preparation package for conversion to liquefied propane gas (LPG). Both CNG and LPG lower taxi fleets’ operating costs and are better for the environment.

During its first full year of production, 27,405 Transit Connect vehicles were sold in the United States. Demand for Transit Connect continues to grow as evidenced by the 41 percent year-over-year increase in sales for December 2010.

In addition, several organizations with large fleets purchased Transit Connects including Best Buy, Edible Arrangements, ThyssenKrupp Elevator and DTE Energy.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

David Ragan at the 2011 Daytona Preseason Thunder

Ford Racing driver David Ragan talks about Daytona and other topics on day two of testing at the 2011 Daytona Preseason Thunder

Friday, January 21, 2011

Henry Ford Ford Motor Company Creed

Henry Ford share his great insights in his biography My Life and Work.. This video is on The Ford Motor Company Creed.. It offers 4 principles we can use today.. Enjoy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

While The City Sleeps (1940)

WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS, ca. 1940 - Ford Motor Company.

National Archives and Records Administration - ARC Identifier 93632 / Local Identifier FC-FC-4501

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Personal Tour of the Ford C-MAX

C-MAX brand manager Wendy King shows us the feature of the new for North America Ford C-Max

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ford Reconnaissance Cars Join The Army (1941)

National Archives and Records Administration - ARC Identifier 93627 / Local Identifier FC-FC-4496 - FORD RECONNAISSANCE CARS JOIN THE ARMY, ca. 1941 - Ford Motor Company.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ford Vertrek Concept Viewed By

From the 2011 North American International Auto Show,'s Kelsey Mays takes a look at the Ford Vertrek concept

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sherif Marakby Introduces Us to the New Ford C-MAX Energi

The Ford C-MAX Energi represents a lot of new ideas for North American Customers. From the unique Kinetic design to the plug-in hybrid technology, this multi-activity vehicle offers versatility and style for high-mileage family-friendly vehicles.

Peak Performance! Ford Fiesta RallyCross Storms Pikes Peak

Ride along with rally champion Marcus Gronholm as he storms up the Pikes Peak course in the Ford Fiesta RallyCross in an homage to the famous Climb Dance Pikes Peak run

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ford Electric Vehicles with Ed Begley, Jr

Ed Begley, Jr, actor and activist talks about Ford electric vehicles in this video prepared for the 2011 North American International Auto Show. To learn more about Ford Electric Vehicles, visit:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

SpitzLift Application Video 2011

Michael Spitsbergen of SpitzLift is presenting what I think is a super fine video. One of the best videos I've seen demonstrating his product line. Very well done. It appears that Michael has involved his whole family in the video as well. Great product and great vew. Thanks, Michael.

See more about SpitzLift Cranes at

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Detroit: Ford Vertrek Concept

Detroit Editor Todd Lassa looks into the future of Ford's compact crossover segment with the new Vertek Concept

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ford Focus Electric

All-new Ford Focus Electric is the first fuel-free, rechargeable passenger car from Ford and one of five new electrified vehicles Ford will deliver by 2013 in North America and Europe.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Greg Hollis - Nor-Cal Mobility - Transit Connect Conversion

Greg Hollis of Nor-Cal Mobility, Inc. in Chico, CA demonstrates the rear wheel chair lift for the Ford Transit Connect at a Nor Cal Ford Truck Club event in October, 2010. Call Nor-Cal Mobility, Inc. at 800-225-7361 and visit their website at

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Leno's Electric Focus: Green Car Challenge

Take a look behind the scenes with Jay Leno and pro race driver Justin Bell as they preview the Green Car Challenge debuting on The Jay Leno Show

2011 Ford Super Duty Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tutorial

Information on Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), how to properly fill your DEF tank and when the proper time is to fill it according to the message center in the instrument cluster.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ford Focus Electric Revealed at CES

Ford revealed the all-new Ford Focus Electric at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The all-new Ford Focus Electric is the first fuel-free, rechargeable passenger car from Ford and one of five new electrified vehicles Ford will deliver by 2013 in North America and Europe

Ford SYNC® Connects You To Pandora® Inside The New 2011 Ford Fiesta

Drive the new 2011 Ford Fiesta, equipped with available SYNC® and your voice gives you the power to tune into Pandora® on the road. All you need is the SYNC AppLink software and you can hook up to Pandora®. Right now, 2011 Ford Fiesta owners can download the SYNC AppLink™ for free by visiting Check out the video of Pandora® founder Tim Westergren and Ford Engineer Julius Marchwicki giving a SYNC demonstration. And to get more details about SYNC AppLink™ and Pandora®, visit

Friday, January 7, 2011

Teams Selected, At-Home Play Begins For Focus Rally: America, Ford's Interactive Reality Show


  • After nearly two months of searching, the final cast has been chosen for Focus Rally: America, a five-week interactive reality show featuring the 2012 Ford Focus, which begins airing on Hulu™ on Feb. 1
  • Six teams of two were cast based on the vibrancy of their personalities and their social networking abilities
  • Starting today, fans can register online at, and sign up to be a virtual team member joining their favorite team on the rally. By using the web or mobile devices, virtual team members will assist their team in challenges through earning points, rewarding selected players along the way with amazing experiences as well as eight 2012 Ford Focus vehicles
  • Focus Rally: America will be hosted by World Cup and Olympic gold medal winner Jonny Moseley; it will be produced by Ford and seven-time Emmy Award-winning reality producer Elise Doganieri

Focus Rally
DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 6, 2011 – After poring through more than 1,000 applications and conducting hundreds of interviews, the final cast has been selected for Focus Rally: America, a five-week interactive reality show featuring the 2012 Ford Focus. And starting today, fans can begin participating in the game from home.

 Focus Rally: America will be produced by Ford and seven-time Emmy Award-winning reality producer Elise Doganieri. The program – which begins airing on Hulu on Feb. 1 – will be hosted by World Cup and Olympic gold medal winner Jonny Moseley, who most recently starred on the prime-time show Skating with the Stars.

The 12 participants (six teams of two) have diverse backgrounds and come from different parts of the country – from New York to Washington state. Some are friends. Others are couples. But all have something very important in common, says Jeff Eggen, Ford Experiential Marketing manager. 

“They are all adventurous, funny and very entertaining,” he said. “And all of the teams have great chemistry with each other.” 

Those qualities were key factors in the selection process, according to Eggen, because unlike other reality shows where content is filmed all day and then edited down for broadcast, contestants competing in Focus Rally: America will be featured in daily webisodes on Hulu and in streaming video segments that will be broadcast in real time on and other social channels.

“Focus Rally: America is essentially running around-the-clock for five weeks so the teams need to be engaging for people to want to tune in,” Eggen said. 

The social vibrancy of the candidates also factored into the selection process.

“Focus Rally: America is different from other reality programs in that the teams will enlist fans from social channels like Facebook and Twitter to help them compete against other teams. These fans will then be able to interact with the teams throughout the race, developing real-time ‘life lines,’” said Eggen.

“The teams will reach out through various social networks to their online friends, fans and followers for help deciphering clues and solving challenges, so we looked for people whose social vibrancy could serve as a natural base for them to build their team of supporters,” he said.

Introducing the cast of Focus Rally: America
Six teams will compete against each other to win the title of Focus Rally: America champion. The winning team will receive a grand prize of $100,000, and both team members will receive a new 2012 Ford Focus. The teams, named after the color of the Focus they will be driving, are:
  • TEAM INGOT SILVER: Jeff Nash, 29, and Margot Baill, 27, both from Chicago; dating. Margo is a product development manager and Jeff owns his own bar.
  • TEAM YELLOW BLAZE: Bryn Drescher, 33 originally from Essex, U.K., and Donna Ruko, 33, both now reside Los Angeles; friends. Bryn is a lifecoach and Donna is a lounge host/supervisor.
  • TEAM RED CANDY: Brittany Boddington, 25, from Northridge, Calif., and Matt Farah, 28, from Redondo Beach, Calif.; friends. Brittany is a writer, model and bartender and Matt is an automotive video host.
  • TEAM BLUE CANDY: Adam Lustick, 27, and Clayton Early, 28, both from Brooklyn, N.Y.; friends. Adam is a comedian and caterer and Clayton is a director of student affairs.
  • TEAM BLACK: Benjamin Kemp, 28, from Philadelphia, and Michael Pericolosi, 25, from Lumberton, N.J.; friends and band members. Benjamin is in marketing and event planning and Michael is a bartender and trainer.
  •  TEAM STERLING GREY: John Jung, 28, and Carolyn Bee, 24, both from Seattle; co-workers. John and Carolyn are both advertising account managers.
Starting today, fans can play from home
Focus Rally: America will offer virtual followers an unprecedented level of engagement before and during the race. Not only will viewers be able to follow along in real time when the race gets started, but they also will have the ability to impact the outcome of the game by playing along and participating online or through a mobile digital experience.

“Virtual team members play a huge and important role in the game. The drivers will lean on their digital teammates to help them compete in interactive challenges along the way,” said Eggen. “Also, by participating virtual teams qualify to win some amazing experiences plus eight 2012 Ford Focus vehicles.”

Starting today, fans can register at, where they can meet all of the teams and join up to become a virtual team member of their favorite team through the duration of the rally. Throughout the rally, virtual team members will be notified via SMS when they are needed to participate in challenges. Virtual team members can also earn points through daily interaction on, with selected players being rewarded along the way with amazing experiences as well as eight 2012 Ford Focus vehicles. Throughout, will be the insider spot for all the latest happenings real time. Fans can also watch episodes nightly on Hulu starting Feb. 1.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ford Transit Connect Taxi - 2010 Chicago Auto Show

Tapping into its European product portfolio Ford has brought the small yet roomy Transit Connect to America. Delivery companies and small business are logical customers for the Transit Connect but Ford is hoping it will also find favor with taxi services. We had an opportunity to check out the Ford Transit Connect Taxi at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. This video provides an overview of what we discovered. For more new car reviews, interviews and automotive news visit today.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ford Quick Lane Surpasses 1-Million Tire Sales In 2010; Remains Fastest-Growing Auto Service Brand

Quick Lane Service Center
  • Ford Motor Company’s Quick Lane® tire sales have surpassed 1 million this year, the most ever in a calendar year for the brand
  • Quick Lane’s network of 585 stores is on track to surpass $550 million in sales in 2010, representing a year-over-year increase of 25 percent
  • Tire sales are up more than 37 percent year-over-year; battery sales up more than 16 percent versus a year ago
  • Routine maintenance services for competitive make vehicles up 25 percent year-over-year as more customers migrate to Quick Lane for its convenient, no-appointment service
DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 29, 2010 – Ford’s Quick Lane vehicle maintenance business – the fastest-growing service brand in the industry – sold a record 1 million tires in 2010 and is on track to post record sales of more than $550 million for the year.

“We are very pleased with the continued strong growth of Quick Lane,” said Frederiek Toney, president of Ford’s Customer Service Division globally. “As more customers are keeping their vehicles even longer, vehicle maintenance becomes even more important.”

Ford’s Quick Lane business remains the fastest-growing service brand in the industry and offers routine vehicle maintenance such as oil and filter changes, and light repair services such as tire replacements and brake repairs – especially important during the winter driving season.

Tire sales to Quick Lane operators recently surpassed the 1 million mark for the first time ever in a calendar year. Quick Lane’s network of 585 stores is also on track to surpass $550 million in sales in 2010, representing a 25 percent year-over-year increase.

Strong tire sales are consistent across the entire U.S. Quick Lane network. Dawn Walston, general manager from Titus Will Ford in Tacoma, Wash., is experiencing the growth firsthand as tire sales in her Quick Lane shop are up 70 percent year-over-year.

“Our tire sales have been outstanding this year,” said Walston. “Tires are one of the smartest investments you can make when it comes to maintaining your vehicle, especially during the winter driving months. We continue to experience strong growth due to our ability to provide tires for all makes and models – with pricing that beats all competitors."

Quick Lane offers tires from 11 leading brands including Goodyear, Michelin and Continental, among others, and offers the guaranteed best price on all tires sold.

Increasingly competitive business
Quick Lane operators around the country also continue to experience an increase in routine maintenance services from vehicles other than Ford, Lincoln or Mercury products. Sales to competitive-make vehicles are up 25 percent nationally year-over-year as consumers continue to migrate to Quick Lane shops for fast and convenient services – all performed by factory-trained technicians.

Convenience with confidence
To deliver additional convenience, customers can visit to find a center that is closest to them, print savings coupons and review maintenance tips to keep their vehicle running at peak efficiency. The site also includes information on how to spot tire wear, how to jump start a battery, and even the importance of replacing a faulty oxygen sensor that could improve gas mileage by as much as 40 percent.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do Tougher Parts Make Longer Lasting Cars?

Ford takes durability testing to the extreme, making sure their cars and trucks will last — whether it’s as simple as making sure the fuel filler door is secure, or as complex as running an entire vehicle through sub-zero temperatures.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ford Mobility Events Schedule

Upcoming Nationwide Mobility Events

Abilities Expo
Apr 15, 2011 - Apr 17, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
The trusted source where people with disabilities, their families, seniors, vets, caregivers and healthcare professionals gain knowledge and empowerment.

38th National Spina Bifida Association Conference
Jun 26, 2011 - Jun 29, 2011
Anaheim, CA

Abilities Expo
May 20, 2011 - May 22, 2011
New York Metro, NY
A trusted source where people with disabilities, their families, seniors, vets, caregivers and healthcare professionals gain knowledge and empowerment.

Sunday, January 2, 2011