Friday, February 28, 2014

Ford's All-New 2015 Mustang Convertible

Designed from the wheels up to deliver maximum drop-top enjoyment, the all-new Ford Mustang convertible is a fantastic way to escape the daily grind of life and hit the open road. With its distinct style and a completely redesigned top system, drivers can enjoy the shining sun or sparkling stars quicker with all of the performance and character expected of Mustang.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ford Electric Vehicles: Features Overview

Learn more about what Ford's plug-in line-up has to offer and get the inside look into the C-MAX Energi, Fusion Energi and Focus Electric during the first EV Walk-Around Competition.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

'Need for Speed' Director Behind New Ford Mustang Ad; Calls Mustang a Perfect Fit for Hero Car Movie Role

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  • Co-branded ad for “Need for Speed” and all-new 2015 Ford Mustang directed by Waugh debuts this weekend on TV and in theaters
  • “Need for Speed” director Scott Waugh calls Ford Mustang an ideal action movie hero car because of its power, rear-wheel drive and agile handling
  • Audiences are invited to share stories of where they would go in a Mustang at – the best stories will be made into short films

To Scott Waugh, few cars epitomize action movie hero car better than Ford Mustang.

Waugh directed the upcoming movie “Need for Speed,” and helms a new co-branded ad for the film and the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang that debuted during Sunday’s Daytona 500.  The ad features scenes from the movie, where Marshall tries to get his life back on track in the new Mustang with a voiceover that sets up the premise of the movie.

“Do you really think that if you’ve been set up, accused and convicted, a new car can put it all behind you?” is asked. “Depends on the car!”

Click here to see the ad

The director selected a modified Mustang GT as the ideal mount for protagonist Toby Marshall in the film, inspired by the long-running video game series from Electronic Arts. Marshall is portrayed by Emmy award-winning actor Aaron Paul as he drives across the country trying to avenge the death of a friend and seek redemption for himself.

“The best movie cars combine tons of power, rear-wheel drive, great handling and the ability to be easily flung around corners,” says Waugh. “As we’ve seen hundreds of times over the years – from ‘Bullitt’ to ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’ – Mustang fits the bill perfectly, and it’s really a car that represents American culture at its best, which is why we chose it for Toby’s ride in ‘Need for Speed.’”

Raised in a stunt family, Waugh followed his father into the business and learned to drive when he was just 12 years old. As a veteran stunt driver and coordinator, Waugh knows how to create visually compelling action scenes. His résumé includes work on numerous vehicle-focused movies such as “Speed” and “The Italian Job.”

“Cinema is a visual medium that has to appeal to the eyes and ears,” says Waugh. “Translating the visceral experience of speed to the big screen involves much more than just driving past the camera quickly. The car really needs to be the epitome of horsepower, and it doesn’t hurt if it looks good too.”

Click here for behind-the-scenes video of the new Mustang in “Need for Speed”

“This is the first time anyone will get to see the new Mustang in a film, and ‘Need for Speed’ embodies the spirit of what Mustang is all about,” says Steve Ling, Ford car marketing manager. “We hope the movie gets the audience really excited about what automobiles are all about, to understand the passion that goes into creating Mustang.”

The ad also marks the official launch of the #InaMustang social media campaign. Fans everywhere are invited to share stories of where they could, would and want to go “in a Mustang.” Stories, videos and photos can be submitted at Ford will bring these stories to life through partnerships with influential content creators across social and film networks.

For the “Need for Speed” Mustang, Ford designers and engineers developed a custom wide-body kit with unique lighting, and put a high-output supercharged V8 engine under the hood of the silver and blue hero car. The one-of-a-kind Mustang looks fast even when parked, but truly comes to life on the silver screen under Waugh’s direction.

Being the ideal mount for the Toby Marshall character goes beyond Mustang’s performance attributes, however. The pony car earned icon status over the past five decades because people like the way it makes them feel as much as they like to get behind the wheel.

“Few cars inspire the sort of passion Ford Mustang does,” says Ling. “For nearly 50 years, Mustang has inspired a feeling of freedom and optimism with fans around the world.”

Its dynamic proportions and thrilling engine sounds have given Mustang an enduring, nearly universal appeal. It is the most popular vehicle on Facebook, with almost 6 million fans, and there are hundreds of owners’ clubs worldwide from Australia to Iceland to South Africa.

DreamWorks Studios’ “Need for Speed” will open in theaters throughout North America on March 14.

2015 Ford Mustang

The all-new Mustang is the most advanced version yet of the iconic pony car. The sleek new design of Mustang fastback and convertible is backed up by world-class performance from a range of available engines, including a new turbocharged EcoBoost® 2.3-liter and an upgraded 5.0-liter V8 with more than 420 horsepower.

In addition to state-of-the-art connectivity systems, Mustang features available advanced driver-assist systems, track apps, launch control and more.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

World’s Best-Selling Nameplate Gets Even Better: Ford Reveals Sophisticated New Focus with 1.0-Liter EcoBoost

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  • Redesigned Ford Focus delivers new exterior design, completely revised interior and advanced new technologies for improved customer comfort and safety
  • 1.0-liter EcoBoost® engine raises the competitive bar for fuel efficiency
  • New Focus will offer driver-assist technology including a standard rearview camera, along with available lane-keeping system and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®)

The 2015 Ford Focus, the world’s best-selling nameplate, is expected to hold onto this coveted title with a bold new look that emulates other recent Ford vehicle designs and more advanced technologies that improve driver comfort and safety.

The new look and added technologies were revealed today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry.

“We have taken the title of world’s best-selling nameplate to impressive new heights with the redesigned Focus,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford executive vice president and president of The Americas. “Its combination of compelling, modern design and the most high-tech interior in the class will appeal to contemporary consumers who desire a small car with very sophisticated features. What makes Focus so attractive to consumers today – being great to drive, delivering exceptional fuel economy and value, and offering leading-edge in-car technologies – is amplified with the new Focus.”

Award-winning 1.0-liter EcoBoost

In addition to a host of styling and technological advances, the new Focus will offer the remarkably efficient, fun-to-drive, award-winning 1.0-liter EcoBoost® engine with a six-speed transmission – surpassing the fuel efficiency of the previous model, and once again raising the bar amongst the competition. Twice already, automotive journalists have named Ford’s 1.0-liter EcoBoost powerplant International Engine of the Year, for 2012 and 2013. The optional engine will be offered alongside the base 2.0-liter GDI I-4 engine, which currently helps the Focus deliver an EPA-estimated rating of 40 mpg on the highway.

“The 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine is proof that excellent fuel economy and performance can come in one package,” said Raj Nair, Ford group vice president, global product development. “Focus is already known for bringing together efficiency and fun, and our latest addition will bring consumers a whole new level of enjoyment – on the road and at the pump.”

The smallest engine in the company’s growing EcoBoost family will increase the choice for Ford customers in the United States, as Fiesta is already available with the 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine.
In Europe, where it is already on five nameplates, the 1.0-liter EcoBoost accounts for 32 percent of sales of the current-generation Focus and 26 percent of Fiesta sales this year. Robust demand for the 1.0-liter in Europe has prompted Ford to double production capacity at its state-of-the-art plant in Cologne, Germany, to more than 1,000 engines a day.

EcoBoost technology combines smaller-displacement engines with turbocharging, direct injection, variable valve timing and proprietary Ford software to bring customers outstanding performance and fuel economy. Ford EcoBoost engines can deliver significantly better fuel economy than larger-displacement gasoline engines.

Stylish new Focus

The new Focus will arrive with a more stylish, bold look. It features a restyled hood and grille, signature lighting for the headlamps and taillamps, new rear lamp clusters and a restyled trunk lid. Four-door and five-door versions will be available in the United States.

Inside, colors and materials have a clean, modern look, with satin chrome detailing, new seat trims, switches and an available heated steering wheel. Storage is improved with a new center console incorporating adjustable cupholders, and a new, easier-to-access glove box.

Advanced technologies

A package of sensors brings a new level of convenience for compact car customers by adding driver-assist technologies including a rearview camera and an available Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) and lane-keeping system.

Standard on Focus for the first time, the rearview camera will appear on either a 4.2-inch screen or the 8-inch screen that comes with MyFord Touch®-equipped cars.

BLIS uses two multiple-beam radar modules, the same used with cross-traffic alert, which are packaged in the rear quarter panels, one on each side. The radar identifies when a vehicle enters the defined blind spot zone and illuminates an indicator light on the corresponding sideview mirror, providing a warning that a vehicle is approaching.

Should a Focus driver start to drift out of the current lane without a turn signal on, the available lane-keeping system provides a warning through a series of steering wheel vibrations that mimic a rumble strip. If the unintended lane departure is not corrected by the driver, the aid function of the system actively applies steering torque to help the driver direct the car back toward the center of the current lane.

SYNC AppLink 

New Focus drivers will also have access to powerful new capabilities thanks to a host of new functions developers can integrate as they modify their apps to communicate with enhanced SYNC® AppLink.

Android and iOS smartphone owners can download more than 60 AppLink-enabled apps from the Apple App Store and Android market.

New functions include:

  • Connected apps can access a variety of real-time vehicle data such as speed, acceleration, odometer and location information that can be used by the app to further customize and personalize the user experience. For example, access to the in-vehicle GPS signal can enable more precise and accurate location-based services than phone sensors
  • More consistent user experience thanks to voice pass-through capability. This enables developers to use on-device or cloud-based voice-recognition systems to evaluate driver commands, meaning drivers can use the same set of voice commands to control an app when connected to the vehicle as they would use when not connected
  • Notifications read aloud as a driver enters the car, with no need to touch the phone. Best of all, alerts are available any time a mobile device is connected to SYNC AppLink, even if the app is not currently active. This means a driver could get an alert about a traffic jam ahead while listening to the radio or using another app

In addition to the many advancements in exterior styling, interior design, powertrain and technology, the new Focus will also benefit from suspension and chassis upgrades. These include a new shock absorber valve design providing improved interior quietness, a new electronic stability program system with less intrusion and improved comfort, and a change to the rear suspension to give drivers a more connected feel to the road.

The 2015 Ford Focus goes on sale in the second half of 2014.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Going Further with Matt Todd, Ford Powertrain Engineer

Matt Todd is no stranger to speed, building such high performance vehicles as the Shelby Mustang and F150 Raptor. "It's been a dream come true," says Todd. As a teenager, he worked summers with his father at a Lincoln Mercury dealership in Birmingham, and now his career is on victory lane. Todd will soon support Ford NASCAR teams at the race track with wind tunnel and other aerodynamic testing.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

See The All-New 2015 F-150 Before It Was The 2015 F-150

Introducing the Built Tough Test, a peek farther behind the curtains of truck testing than we've ever before offered. You'll witness the extreme regimen of testing that guarantees this new F-150 will live up to and beyond the Built Ford Tough promise.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Folsom Lake Ford Fleet Department

Dan Raimondi, Fleet Director of Folsom Lake Ford in Folsom, CA talks about his department and the volume and expanse of their business.

Folsom Lake Ford is located in Folsom, CA and the Fleet and Commercial department website is

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Aluminum + Steel = Efficiency + Strength

Decades of research and development are about to pay off. Combining high-strength, military grade, aluminum with high-strength steel has created a lean machine that's heavy on capability.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ford Reveals 2015 Expedition with EcoBoost Engine, Advanced Technology, New Platinum Series

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  • 2015 Ford Expedition will feature 3.5-liter, direct-injected twin-turbocharged EcoBoost® engine popular in Ford F-Series; engine designed to deliver most powerful, fuel-efficient Expedition ever
  • Advanced technology in new Expedition includes Blind Spot Information System® with cross-traffic alert, electric power-assisted steering, SYNC® with MyFord Touch®, available suspension damping to improve passenger comfort; a new high-trim Platinum series debuts
  • Ford global utility vehicle sales rose 35 percent in 2013; Ford has been the leader in North America utility vehicle sales since 2011

The new 2015 Ford Expedition, revealed here today ahead of the 2014 DFW Auto Show, continues to represent the smart choice for people who need a full-size utility vehicle that provides capable performance, usable space and advanced technology.

Expedition now features Ford F-Series’ popular 3.5-liter EcoBoost® engine, more technology than ever and a fresh new look. Launching later this year, it is the latest Ford nameplate to offer a Platinum series. Expedition is being shown for the first time in Texas, Ford’s largest market by sales volume, and home to the top two cities for Expedition sales – Dallas and Houston.

Expedition debuted in 1996 and is Ford’s largest utility vehicle. By most measures, it is a leader in interior space, accommodating eight passengers. Two versions are offered – the standard 119-inch wheelbase is just more than 6 inches longer than Ford Explorer. It has three rows of seats and up to 108.3 cubic feet of cargo space. The longer-wheelbase version sits on a 131-inch wheelbase, and features three rows of seats and up to 130.8 cubic feet of cargo space.

Expedition’s independent rear suspension helps deliver more confident ride and handling characteristics, and allows for the lower, more convenient fold-flat third-row bench seat.

Both standard and EL versions of Expedition are built at Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, alongside Ford’s popular Super Duty pickup. Last month, the company confirmed plans to add more workers and invest an additional $80 million in facility upgrades to improve automation and increase capacity at the plant.

Ford is responding to strong customer feedback and introducing a top-of-the-line Platinum series Expedition with unique, premium interior appointments. The new vehicle features the latest popular technologies like SYNC® with MyFord Touch®, push-button start and Blind Spot Information System®. A new 3.5-liter, direct-injected twin-turbocharged EcoBoost delivers more power and performance than the current 5.4-liter V8, and is designed to be more efficient.

“This new Expedition is proof Ford is committed to remaining the leader in utilities – small, medium and large,” said Jackie DiMarco, Expedition chief engineer. “We listened to our customers and created a full-size utility vehicle that doesn’t compromise in performance, technology or design.”

Improved on the road

From the outset, engineers worked to make the 2015 Expedition a technologically advanced vehicle that is easy to drive and offers refinement for all types of drivers.

The new EcoBoost engine dramatically changes the driving characteristics of Expedition. Compared with the 5.4-liter V8, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost gives drivers not just better fuel economy, but more power and torque on demand at very low engine speeds.

“Expedition becoming the latest Ford utility vehicle to wear the EcoBoost badge will be exciting for customers,” said Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager. “Increased torque and horsepower, combined with new levels of efficiency and an advanced suspension not only will make Expedition more fun to drive, but also easier to own. This is another ‘and’ solution from Ford.”

2015 Ford Expedition

The 3.5-liter EcoBoost will be the only engine offered in the new Expedition in North America. To maximize performance and control, the vehicle is equipped with a six-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission featuring a manual mode that allows the driver to use a shift-mounted rocker switch to select the desired gear.

With EcoBoost now standard equipment across the 2015 Expedition range, the entire U.S. lineup of Ford utility vehicles will be available with EcoBoost power by the end of 2014.

New continuously controlled damping, available for the first time on a Ford nameplate, will make Expedition the only Blue Oval-branded vehicle in the United States with three selectable drive modes – comfort, normal and sport.

Using a suite of sensors that detect 46 unique body, steering and braking inputs, the advanced suspension monitors body motion and then adjusts Expedition’s damping system in milliseconds to manage the vehicle’s natural body motion. A vehicle with poor damping feels as if it is bouncing on its suspension springs; continuously controlled damping recognizes the weight of the vehicle, steering feedback and road undulations and then reacts accordingly, helping to control body motion so passengers experience an orderly, comfortable ride.

The new Expedition also features Ford’s innovative electric power-assisted steering, which gives drivers noticeably improved maneuverability at low speeds and better feel at high speeds, and saves fuel because it operates more efficiently than traditional pump-driven systems. The technology reduces steering effort and makes Expedition more engaging to drive.

More technology customers want

The new Expedition debuts with popular technology upgrades consumers are now demanding, including SYNC with MyFord Touch and driver-assist features such as radar-based Blind Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert.

The updated interior of Expedition incorporates a fresh center stack to accommodate new technologies, such as an 8-inch touch screen for SYNC with MyFord Touch. The driver information cluster features two full-color 4.2-inch LCD screens.

2015 Ford Expedition

Other new technologies on the 2015 Expedition include a 10-speaker, 700-watt Sony audio system; Intelligent Access with push-button start; rearview camera; seven-color, interior ambient LED lighting; and Ford truck apps to help make trailer towing and off-road driving easier.

Fresh style and design

The new Expedition pushes full-size utility vehicle design to a higher level, with fresh interior and exterior styling and a diverse series lineup – each with a distinct look and feel to give customers more choice than ever. A Platinum trim package, which has been very successful on Ford F-Series, will be available on Expedition for the first time.

“The Platinum series brings Expedition into a whole new arena of design and style,” said Scott. “One of the strengths of Expedition has always been the different trim series we offer. From XLT to Limited and now with Platinum, we have an Expedition that will fit any customer’s needs.”

The Platinum series is tailored with lush leather seating described by designers as buttery – soft and smooth to the touch. It’s available in a new Brunello leather, a red wine color with tuxedo-stripe accents and French-seamed stitching. Platinum customers can also choose black leather with Agate Gray accents.

2015 Ford Expedition

Beyond the new Platinum series, the 2015 Expedition lineup includes the XLT, Limited and a new King Ranch edition to be revealed later.

The design team, finding inspiration in the world around them, incorporated different themes to define the look for each series. The intent was to reflect a consumer lifestyle, from the sporty XLT, to the confident, elegant Limited, to the sophisticated, urban Platinum. Each series has unique finishes specially selected to reflect the lifestyle and desires of the customer. For example, Expedition Limited features refined yet traditional finishes, while for the Platinum edition, the colors and material finishes are fresh and sophisticated.

The Expedition exterior has been updated with an all-new front end featuring available LED fog lamps for a fresh, aggressive look.

2015 Ford Expedition

An all-new wheel lineup including factory-installed 22-inch models, a redesigned rear hatch and subtle, chrome-tipped exhaust pipes round out the exterior changes to the 2015 Expedition.

With this new model debuting at the DFW Auto Show – deep in the heart of the full-size utility vehicle market – Ford is building on a successful tradition of Expedition capability and quality with significant improvements in design, performance, efficiency and available technology.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ford Motor Company’s Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center Opens 700th Store

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  • Ford continues the growth of its Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center business by opening its newest store in Texas; Quick Lane now exceeds 700 stores nationally
  • Ford is increasing investments to support continued growth with all-new advertising across media platforms
  • Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center offers no-appointment, while-you-wait service for all vehicle makes and models
Ford Motor Company has reached a significant milestone with its Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center business, opening the 700th U.S. store in Texas.

Ford’s Quick Lane vehicle maintenance business remains one of the fastest-growing service brands in the industry. Quick Lane operators sold a record 1.4 million tires in 2013 – up 12 percent versus an industry average of 1.1 percent. In addition, Quick Lane posted record sales of nearly $800 million for 2013. Due to the brand’s success in the United States, Ford is now offering Quick Lane globally, opening more than 100 additional stores outside the U.S. where the business is also growing rapidly.
Quick Lane offers routine vehicle maintenance such as oil and filter changes, light repair services including brake repair, and tire replacements on all vehicle makes and models.

“With our new Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center, our customers don’t have to sacrifice speed over quality – we can provide both,” said Chaz Gilmore, general manager and partner of Ford’s 700th Quick Lane store located at Grapevine Ford Lincoln in Grapevine, Texas. “We have a separate service facility with a dedicated staff that can provide timely and convenient services for all vehicle maintenance and light repairs, while providing the peace of mind of factory-trained technicians and quality parts.”

“Quick Lane works for everyone – the customer, the dealer and the community,” said Frederiek Toney, vice president, Ford Motor Company and president, Ford Customer Service. “For the customer, it’s easy in, easy out, and fast, high-quality service all around. For the dealer, it provides a steady stream of new customers from all makes, a significant portion of who sometimes transition to Ford vehicle ownership. For the community, it’s another source of jobs, and represents early career experience for young technicians who develop essential trade skills before moving on to bigger jobs in the dealership repair shop.”

Quick Lane sells tires from 11 leading brands including Goodyear, Michelin and Continental, and offers the guaranteed best price on all tires sold.

Creatively reaching new customers

Due to Quick Lane’s success for Ford and its dealers, Ford is investing in the brand and looking to grow the business further.

In 2013, Ford launched its first national advertising campaign for the business, featuring “Ready to Serve” Quick Lane advisors and technicians. Ford also launched a series of all-new digital ads that show the lighter side of vehicle maintenance, humorously featuring a Quick Lane technician who seeks to improve the world by providing friendly maintenance advice to others including a police officer and a teacher.

Servicing all vehicle makes and models

Quick Lane operators around the country continue to experience an increase in routine maintenance services from vehicles other than Ford and Lincoln products. Services to competitive vehicles in 2013 made up around 25 percent of the Quick Lane business, as consumers continued to migrate to Quick Lane shops for fast and convenient services – all performed by factory-trained technicians.

About Quick Lane

For additional convenience, customers can visit to find a center that is closest to them, print savings coupons and review maintenance tips to keep their vehicle running at peak efficiency. This site includes information on how to spot tire wear, how to jump-start a battery and even a series of tips to improve a vehicle’s fuel economy.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Kelley Blue Book’s names Ford Flex a Best Family Car of 2014

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Ford Flex has been recognized as one of the best family cars for 2014 by Kelley Blue Book.

The editors of Kelley Blue Book’s, a provider of new and used vehicle information, recommend the 2014 Flex as a vehicle for families based on its capabilities, spaciousness and power.

More details about the awards can be found here.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ford AppLink at the 2014 CES

The focus for Ford at the 2014 CES is in-car connectivity, announcing several new apps that are now compatible with Ford SYNC® AppLink™, available in many Ford vehicles.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

2015 Ford F-150 Truck: The Future of Tough

Check out the 2015 F-150 truck, unveiled at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ford Selects Canadian Plant to Build All-New Global Utility Vehicle for Export to More Than 60 Countries

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  • Ford will build an all-new Edge utility vehicle for global markets at its Oakville Assembly plant, near Toronto, and export to more than 60 countries
  • Adding a new global product at Oakville follows Ford’s C$700 million investment in the plant to make it one of the most competitive and advanced global manufacturing facilities in Canada, while preserving 2,800 jobs
  • Edge Concept, now on display at the Canadian International Auto Show, strongly hints at the technology, dynamic design and premium craftsmanship that will define the next generation of global utility vehicles from Ford
Ford of Canada’s Oakville Assembly plant will build the all-new Ford Edge global utility vehicle, shipping it from Canada to more than 60 countries as demand for utility vehicles grows worldwide.

The Ford Edge competes in the global utility segment, which grew 13 per cent year over year in 2013. Ford outperformed the segment with 35 per cent growth and more than 1.2 million vehicles sold worldwide, and Edge production surpassed its 1 million vehicle milestone last year. The utility segment in markets outside North America grew 112 per cent in 2013 and is forecast to grow 30 per cent in 2014, with utility sales expected to total approximately 600,000 vehicles this year.

“The decision to produce the all-new global Edge in Canada is proof that Canadian manufacturers can compete, and win, globally,” said Dianne Craig, president and CEO, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd. “We’re ready to showcase Oakville Assembly’s commitment to craftmanship and advanced manufacturing to deliver what our global customers want and value -- a high-quality vehicle with class-leading design, fuel efficiency and performance.”

Ford announced in September a C$700 million investment at Oakville Assembly to expand the plant’s manufacturing capability to meet surging global demand and preserve more than 2,800 jobs. Oakville Assembly manufactures Ford Edge and Ford Flex, as well as Lincoln MKX and Lincoln MKT.

“Oakville is vital to Ford’s global manufacturing system as we prepare to launch more vehicles this year than ever before,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of The Americas. “The Oakville facility will offer world-leading flexibility, enabling us to react quickly and efficiently to shifts in consumer demand here in North America and around the globe.”

Ford’s global utility portfolio spans small, medium and large vehicles – from the compact EcoSport to midsize Explorer and full-size Expedition – to fit the needs of consumers around the globe in various life stages.

Ford will provide customers with more choices in 2014 as it plans an unprecedented product year launching 23 vehicles globally – 16 in North America, including the all-new global Edge.

Visitors to the Canadian International Auto Show will get a glimpse of the new Ford Edge Concept vehicle at the Ford stand, including a preview of automated driving options Ford is developing. These include:
  • Fully assisted parking aid: Automatic parking technology allows for control from inside or outside the vehicle
  • Obstacle avoidance: Automatically steers around an object when the driver does not; if the driver fails to react, the system will automatically steer and brake to avoid a collision
  • Adaptive steering: The next step in steering technology leads to improvements in both low- and high-speed driving situations

In addition, Ford Edge Concept features fuel-saving technologies such as Active Grille Shutters, Auto Start-Stop and an innovative air curtain, which manages airflow around the front wheels to enhance aerodynamic efficiency.
Edge Concept will be on display at the Ford booth Feb. 14-17, 2014.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ford Most-Awarded Brand in U.S. News & World Report Best Cars for the Money

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Ford took home the most awards of any domestic automaker and any single brand, owning four categories in U.S. News & World Report’s 2014 Best Cars for the Money. For Ford Edge and Ford Fusion Hybrid, this makes three consecutive wins in the two-row midsize SUV and hybrid categories, respectively. Ford Fiesta won two awards, earning best value among both subcompact and hatchback cars. U.S. News considered 225 vehicles in 21 categories for Best Cars for the Money honors, which factor in quality and value data for the highest composite score. Click here to learn more about the awards.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ford Focus Earns Top Safety Ratings from NHTSA

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The 2014 Ford Focus maintains top marks in the federal government’s new car safety rating program. Both sedan and hatchback Focus models, as well as Focus Electric all earned a five-star overall vehicle score in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s New Car Assessment Program. Ford’s AdvanceTrac® electronic stability control and anti-lock brake system, standard across the Focus range, constantly monitors road conditions and driver response, adjusting engine power and applying ABS to help keep wheels firmly planted. Front and side airbags tailor deployment to vehicle occupants in the event of a crash. The driver’s airbag uses a curve-shaped tether system that pulls in the lower section to help lessen the impact of the airbag in a frontal crash. Side airbags feature shoulder vents that stay open and reduce pressure on smaller occupants. Focus remains the world’s top-selling vehicle nameplate through the first three quarters of 2013, based on Ford analysis of the latest Polk global vehicle registration data.

Monday, February 10, 2014

MotorWeek names Fiesta ST Best Subcompact Car

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The 2014 Ford Fiesta ST’s combination of power, reliability and innovation has earned it another accolade – MotorWeek’s Drivers’ Choice Award for Best Subcompact Car. The European-style five-door Fiesta ST “packs a potent performance punch,” said MotorWeek, citing the car’s 197-horsepower 1.6-liter EcoBoost® engine and a “lowered suspension that carries the goods through corners.” Fiesta ST is designed to be fun, but drivers won’t have to pay for that fun at the pump, as the car returns an EPA-estimated 35 mpg on the highway.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Switch - Choosing the Ford Fusion Titanium

Brandon comes from a Honda family, but after owning an Accord he switched to the Ford Fusion Titanium.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

All-New Ford F-150 Adds Tough New Snow Plow Prep Option Across All Cab Configurations

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  • The all-new 2015 Ford F-150 will be the only light-duty pickup with a manufacturer’s snow plow prep option across all cab configurations
  • F-150 owners with snow plow prep option can operate a plow installed via the aftermarket
  • Maximum light-duty plow weight will be over 450 pounds
Winter warriors will have a tough new tool in their arsenal against Mother Nature with Ford’s new snow plow prep option, available on the all-new 2015 F-150. Ford will be the only manufacturer to offer a light-duty snow plow prep option across all cab configurations – Regular, SuperCab and SuperCrew.

When snow plow mode is activated via the push of a button, the vehicle temporarily turns off nonessential features to provide dedicated power for the plow.

The option package requires the truck be equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 engine and four-wheel drive, and is available across XL, XLT and Lariat trim levels.

“The new 2015 F-150 is the toughest F-150 ever, and by using more high-strength steel in its frame and advanced materials in the body, we’ve made the new truck up to 700 pounds lighter,” said Eric Peterson, Ford F-150 marketing manager. “This leads to more capability and better handling, which is exactly what you’d want for plowing. Adding a snow plow prep kit to our lineup helps ensure our customers have even more tools at their disposal to get the job done.”

Upon taking delivery of a new F-150 with the snow plow prep option, owners will need to take their truck to a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier to purchase and install the plow hardware. The maximum light-duty plow weight will be over 450 pounds. 
Pricing for the snow plow prep option, excluding the plow, will be announced later this year. The all-new 2015 F-150 will arrive in dealerships at the end of 2014.

Friday, February 7, 2014

American Pop Culture Icons Converge As Stern Pinball Announces Three New Ford Mustang-Themed Games

Hero Image

  • A new pinball game from Stern Pinball, featuring the all-new Ford Mustang and celebrating 50 years of the original pony car, debuts at the Chicago Auto Show
  • Stern Pinball will also offer a premium game featuring Mustang Boss 302, Boss 351 and Boss 429, plus a limited-edition game honoring the 1965 original and all-new 2015 Mustang
  • Champion pinball player Zach Sharpe will challenge journalists to beat his high score on the new machines during media preview days at the Chicago Auto Show on Feb. 6 and Feb. 7
The all-new Ford Mustang headlines a trio of new pony car-themed pinball games to be revealed at the Chicago Auto Show. Crafted by Chicago’s own Stern Pinball, the Mustang-inspired games combine two prime examples of 20th century American pop culture – the coin-operated pinball machine and the original pony car.

“For five decades, Mustang has represented some of the best of American culture, inspiring a feeling of freedom and independence for people around the world,” said Steve Ling, Ford car marketing manager. “We’re excited to have Stern Pinball join us here in its hometown of Chicago with its brand-new games featuring Mustang.”

Stern is introducing three new Mustang-themed games this spring featuring cabinet and backboard artwork that pay tribute to 50 years of Mustang. The pro-level machines, designed for arcades and other public spaces, feature Mustangs from the past five decades. The more feature-rich premium edition focuses on Mustang Boss 302, Boss 351 and Boss 429 of 1969 to 1971 and 2012 to 2013.
Stern Pinball is one of many companies producing officially licensed products to celebrate 50 years of Mustang. Other licensees include Mattel with a 50 Years of Mustang Hot Wheels collection, Caddyshack with a limited-edition Shelby GT500 Mustang golf car and the Mustang GT pedal go kart from Berg. A range of apparel and other products are available from

The all-new 2015 Mustang makes its first Chicago appearance at the auto show alongside six of Stern’s pro-level Mustang games. Top-ranked competitive pinball player Zach Sharpe will also be on hand to demonstrate the new game and set benchmark scores for show visitors and media to challenge.

A special limited-edition model signed by the game designer features the 1965 original and the all-new 2015 Mustang. Both premium and limited-edition games feature genuine chrome Mustang badges on the speaker grilles.

“The first car I ever bought was a 1970 Mustang Sportroof with a 302, and I’m currently restoring a 1969 Mach 1,” said George Gomez, executive vice president for game design, Stern Pinball. “In designing these new games, we wanted to celebrate the freedom and fun of driving Mustang.”

The games incorporate a mix of classic pinball play features and modern technology to let players “go racing” with some of the greatest Mustangs of all time, and even build up a dream collection as they progress.

Different interactive sections of the playfield and sequences of shots let players go drag racing, rallying, drifting and road racing in pursuit of a high score. For example, hitting specific targets with the ball enables gear shifting, and subsequent hits activate going up or down through the gears. The games feature video displays in the backboard and real Mustang sounds, giving players the visceral experience of driving Mustang.

Chicago is the spiritual home of the classic coin-operated pinball machine. The modern games were developed in the city in the 1920s and 1930s by companies such as Bally, Gottlieb and Williams as an evolution of 18th century French parlor games. Over time, designers added a wide array of features to enhance gameplay, and incorporated pop culture themes from movies, television, music and comic books – the same mediums that often incorporate Mustang.
Pinball pioneer Harry Williams said, “The ball is wild!”

“The beauty of pinball is that there is no set outcome, and it can’t be programmed like a video game,” said Gary Stern, founder of Stern Pinball. “That makes pinball a perfect match for Mustang, taking drivers anywhere they want to go.”

The very first Mustang-themed pinball game was introduced in 1964, the same year as the car, by the now-defunct Chicago Coin Company. Unfortunately, all of the other great Chicago pinball companies succumbed to the challenge of the video game business. Stern has committed to creating great games that remain true to what made pinball fun in the first place, while incorporating modern design and mechanical systems to challenge players.

2015 Ford Mustang

The all-new Mustang is the most advanced version yet of the iconic pony car. The sleek new design of Mustang fastback and convertible is backed up by world-class performance from a range of available engines, including a new turbocharged EcoBoost® 2.3-liter and an upgraded 5.0-liter V8 with more than 420 horsepower. In addition to state-of-the-art connectivity systems, Mustang features available advanced driver-assist systems, track apps, launch control and more.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Language of Tape: Ford Designers and Modelers Use Tape to Communicate Throughout the Development Process

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  • Americans rely on tape to complete their gift wrapping, but auto designers use it to perfect vehicle styling
  • Ford designers and modelers communicate with each other by placing tape on clay vehicle models to mark where details need to be refined
  • Tape is a critical tool in the design process that leads to development of any new vehicle. It provides precision and a life-size visual that cannot be replicated, despite advancements in digital technology
Tape is not just for wrapping presents. Ford designers rely on low-tech tape to hone the styling of any new vehicle.

The design process of a vehicle is a long and artistic journey that begins with designers sketching ideas on paper. From there, the team moves to scaled-down clay models and 3D CAD drawings, eventually milling full-size clay vehicles to analyze body styling options. Clay is the ideal material for vehicle models as it allows the modelers to carve away or add lines and accents. Ford designers refine the surface language to make a vehicle that is appealing to customers.

As clay prototypes of new vehicles are created, designers take tape to the malleable material to show modelers the lines they want perfected on the car. Designers and modelers use tape this way to communicate with each other throughout the design process of all Ford cars and trucks.

“Great design is about proportions,” said Kemal Curic, Ford exterior design manager. “From the beginning, we need to focus on creating the right structural lines – the skeleton of the car. Then our job is to tailor the vehicle body to enhance the figure. This is a process of editing every single line to find the perfect balance of concave and convex angles. We achieve this on the clay model, and tape is what we use to decide which lines to move.”

For vehicle designers, tape is its own language. Even with modern 3D digital imaging, automakers still rely on clay to sculpt and mold vehicles as the design develops. Tape brings a measure of precision to a process that results in a life-size 3D visual that cannot be duplicated on a computer screen, complementing the digital process.

“Tape gives us a defined line that is like a carpenter laying a level line on a building,” said Larry Pelowski, Ford master modeler, exterior design. “So when the designers put tape on the model, there is no question what their intent is.”

Tape offers both precision and artistry unmatched by other tools, said Pelowski. He explains it is a flexible material that can be retaped over and over again until the designers find the line they want to pursue. A tape line maintains the integrity of the width of the line; this is especially important when drawing a line with an arch that might otherwise be difficult to keep at a consistent size.

Artistry with tape is not a new phenomenon; auto designers once drew entire vehicles with the malleable adhesive.

“Tape was the medium of choice for creating life-size drawings,” said Garen Nicoghosian, Ford exterior design manager. “They’d stretch Mylar on large boards and do a full-size tape drawing, which captured the essence of the car. The idea of tape drawings has evolved over time; we’ve integrated digital media now, and have technology that allows us to view full-size models based on CAD data, on very large display screens. In the past, tape was used because it was the first opportunity to see a full-size vehicle, it was the best way to draw accurate lines on a 1:1 scale.

“Today, the artistry of tape continues, but we use it primarily on clay models,” he adds.

How much tape does Ford use every year? Plenty. If one were to stretch the black tape used on clay models by the Ford design team, there’d be about 155 miles of tape a year.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 Ford Mustang, Explorer Top Performance Car, Full-Size SUV to Own Over Five Years

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Two Ford-brand vehicles have been named to the 2014 5-Year Cost to Own Award list by Kelley Blue Book. Kelley Blue Book projects customers shopping for full-size SUVs and crossovers will get the lowest five-year ownership cost from the 2014 Ford Explorer, while sports car buyers will get the best deal with the 2014 Ford Mustang. The 5-Year Cost to Own Awards are designed to help shoppers make more informed purchase decisions by breaking down typical ownership cost details, and naming the brands and models with the lowest projected total over five years. Purchase price, fuel, insurance and repair costs, plus maintenance, financing and depreciation are factored in. Click here for more information on the awards.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

All-New Ford Transit Connect Delivers Best-in-Class 30 MPG Highway

Ford Transit Connect van can add best-in-class fuel economy to its long list of features. The 2014 Transit Connect van has an EPA-estimated fuel efficiency rating of 30 mpg, making it best-in-class. It also has best-in-class cargo space, towing and payload, with its segment-leading EcoBoost® engine rated at 178 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Features of the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Fusion Energi

The Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Fusion Energi are both efficient vehicles, with state of the art batteries, electric motors, and gas engines. Both are powered by a lithium ion battery and have best-in-class fuel economy.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Features of the Ford Super Duty

The Ford F-Series has been the number one selling line of trucks for 37 years in a row. It fully supports any type of work ethic and offers all the right tools to ease loading, accessing, and managing the heaviest payloads in the class.