Monday, May 13, 2013

New Survey from YourTango and Ford: Couple Time in the Car Equals Love on the Road

  • 2013 Love on the Road survey from and Ford Motor Company reveals the impact road trips can have on strengthening couples’ relationships
  • Togetherness in the car is conducive to some of the most meaningful conversations, sharing affection, enjoying quality time, and having fun and adventure
  • More than any other vehicle configuration, a sedan is the vehicle of choice for couples on a road trip; Ford’s all-new Fusion sedan is designed to meet their needs
DEARBORN, Mich., May 13, 2013 – Love on the Road 2013 – a recent survey conducted by in collaboration with Ford – reveals how couple time in the car has a positive impact on relationships.
Virtually 90 percent of surveyed couples who have taken a road trip together say it strengthens their relationship. And being in the right kind of car is key to forging that bond.
For almost half of those asked, the car of choice for this important journey is a sedan, and with its stylish, all-new Fusion, Ford offers the perfect car for a romantic getaway.
“We applaud Ford for being the first automotive manufacturer to understand the importance to couples of personal time together in the car,” says YourTango CEO Andrea Miller. “We are proud to work with Ford to share our Love on the Road insights with drivers across the country.”
The survey also reveals that more than 77 percent of couples look forward to taking more trips with their significant other. 
The best reason to take a road trip together is not where they’re going, say 44 percent, but the fun and adventure of the trip itself. More than 40 percent say the quality time afforded them is the best reason for a road trip.
And now, as summer driving season gets into full swing, more than 90 percent of couples indicate they will be taking a road trip together.
In fact, for most couples life is about the journey – it’s not where they end up, but the trip itself that gives meaning to their relationship. Happy couples everywhere will admit the magic happens in the car.
For couples on the road, the new Fusion represents more than a car – it could be an aphrodisiac.
“More and more couples are taking road trips due to the high cost of airfare and because it gives you the opportunity to take your vehicle with you to explore new places,” says Samantha Hoyt, Fusion marketing manager. “We’re excited most couples choose a sedan to travel in, and we’ve designed Fusion to meet the needs of couples who enjoy getaways by providing an inviting and comfortable interior in a car that is really fun to drive.” 
When asked to list the top three activities they spend their time on the road doing, almost 80 percent of respondents report they talk and catch up on each other’s lives, 70 percent enjoy blasting their favorite music, and nearly 55 percent take in the sights and have some quiet time.
Nearly all respondents agree their best conversations happen on the road. Of the kinds of conversations they have, more than 65 percent say their discussions are serious, meaningful talks.
But talk isn’t all they do – romance plays a big part for couples on the road, too. According to the survey, 74 percent hold hands and smooch at red lights.
Make it or break it 
Certain conditions and vehicle features are critical for couples on what can be a life-changing journey. Having a cool, comfortable car to travel in, followed by knowing they’re headed in the right direction are the top two factors in ensuring the trip is a success. 
In terms of vehicle attributes and features, more than 33 percent rank fuel efficiency as their top priority while more than 28 percent say it’s the sound system and more than 22 percent say navigation capability is most important. Fusion has them covered.
“Fusion has a great entertainment and navigation system available with Ford’s standard, industry-leading SYNC® technology,” says Hoyt. “And of course, it’s among the best in fuel economy for midsize sedans in America.”
Fusion’s available Auto Start-Stop technology, which originated on hybrid vehicles and aids in the car’s leading fuel economy, has the added benefit of monitoring climate control settings and cabin temperature to ensure a cool, comfortable environment.
Not only that, the all-new Fusion is a winner in the looks department too, and is sure to make a stunning backdrop for all the pictures you and your significant other plan to take this summer when you hit the road. 
Time to get packing!

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